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December 2017: Snack Euphoria

Take a peek inside our December Japanese snack box!

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Rich Matcha Kit Kat Party Pack
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Premium Pear Fanta
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Mini Strawberry Flavored Corn Crisps
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Puchi Puchi Art or Sherbet DIY Kit
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Dondonyaki Kimchi Rice Cake
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Pokémon Gummy and Moonlight Series Card
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Koikeya Scone Japanese BBQ
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Sour Cider Paper Candy
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Corn Potage Umaibo
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Lotte Memory-Enhancing Gum
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Kameda Seika Happy Turn Rice Crackers
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Wild Strawberry Path Hard Candies
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Koikeya Savory Salt Potato Chips
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Grape Chocobi
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