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December 2018: Santa's Snacks

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our December Japanese snack box!

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Bourbon Sylveine Chocolate Cake
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Fanta Mango Jelly Drink
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Kumamon White Sesame Cracker
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Christmas Pizza Poteko
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Bubbly Cola Ramune Candy
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Bourbon Strawberry Chocolate Chips
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Salty Green Pea Mini Chips
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Shin-Chan Apple Chocobi
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Burnt Caramel Taiyaki
D4fa7ed0631d4efd68696e781ad0b94cf45ebd72 dec14
Vegetable Potato Sticks Share Pack
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Tomato & Cherry Gummies
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Exciting Fishing DIY Kit
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Takoyaki Umaibo
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Melon Bread Cookie
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