December 2019: Otaku Holiday

Take a peek inside our December box.

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Orange Kit Kats
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Kirby Melon Cream Soda
6b7c416b d6d2 4da0 9afa f6cb0ab476ae splatoon 2 gel candy
Splatoon 2 Gel Candy
330ac7bd 8cdb 453e a3c4 31d95c683e08 dragon ball mini choco bar
Dragon Ball Mini Choco Bar
A3509a84 8056 4eca a4ac b82c364b5994 chocolate waffle
Japanese Anime Chocolate Waffle
4b36fc4e c9e8 4be6 ba95 abb523f098a2 detective conan chocolate wafer
Detective Conan Chocolate Wafer
Be70bd28 5f85 4bf2 aba3 8099689ffc78 dragon ball super card gum
Dragon Ball Super Card Gum
8025a492 69bd 4868 a7b6 fdd3cb42ae70 ebi mayonaise umaibo
Tonkatsu Sauce Umaibo 10 piece set
D568f7ff 4e3e 4c96 a036 8a2050803e99 chocolate flakes
Japanese Chocolate Cereal Snack
7eb93651 ad08 468d 959c 3336eb528d7c calbee chocolate chips
Calbee Chocolate Chips
8a2cbe13 9b1a 4ed2 993e 57743ead161e caramel taro
Caramel Taro Biscuit
F269517e e749 448d 8f51 ef5698ddbcc6 pachi pachi cola popping candy
Pachi Pachi Cola Popping Candy
2ecdaeaa 76dc 48dc a29b e9c6aa4d8cc2 kumamon sparrow eggs
Kumamon Sparrow Eggs
897aba4c 526e 49ba a74c b8b88376b6a2 ice bar diy kit
Horadekita! Ice Bar DIY Kit
5fdaec01 9810 4deb afc3 7255c36158be spicy soy sauce corn snacks
Spicy Japanese Soy Sauce Corn Snacks
C6a94224 6eec 4c4e a7d6 b5f693a0a868 boruto energy gummies
Boruto Energy Gummies
B8539114 76d8 4ed9 9bec ff4fea87b711 one piece cookie
One Piece Cookie
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