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February 2018: For Your Sweetheart

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our February Japanese snack box!

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Strawberry Shortcake Pepsi
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Ultimate Muscle Chocolate Wafer
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Maroyaka Milk Chocolate Strawberry Party Pack
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Cola Flavored Sour Long Gum
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Strawberry Barley Puffs
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Lotte Pie No Mi Sweet Strawberry Chocolate
05401b3484aa109e61c3eea6120c38ddee023122 feb18 13
Umaibo - Shrimp Mayonnaise
B47aed3446e619bcf93a5c27666a5b8655a29e07 feb18 12
Ice Cream Lolly
9446d0c9ae65bd5046074536a04b060a4a34faa9 feb18 8
Pretty Cure DIY Shake Milkshake
45fd4f475de0f4fcfc4ecf87b897f1dad627aeae feb18 9
Rose x Berry Glamatic Tablets
8d925af39a7810a95e967383ebf7be1585b02dd4 feb18 14
Chocolate Bar Z - Chocolate
Dd8880dff93e5589f2a019c1d9cc7bf73082acc3 feb18 6
Koikeya Sour Plum Chips
11b396bcec0ff135a4e7c5e4b8859473a3d742a0 feb18 2
Ginza Rusk - Strawberry
30de863845c16a6b4a3f0cf780f369ba66327528 feb18 10
Cola Gummies Share Pack
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