February 2019: Sweet Valentine

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our February Japanese snack box!

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Japanese Mikan Kit Kats
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Canada Dry Sparkling Sangria
9af32cc6b83a5cc7c39cd780552e0d0acf5f8b0e pudding chocolate
Petit Pudding Chocolate
9b3ef416c4393e18662d1861399a3b2ca92ecb12 calbee dipped chips
Calbee Chocolate Dipped Chips
7fed1b630c0ebe1cda78d66a7553451fb78aac41 soy sauce crackers
Soy Sauce Crackers
70c3fcb665ee0913a8d84ec523afe498994837a5 cat paw marshmallows
Cat Paw Marshmallows
7634e677ab5afaa62ee48d1af4b84e6ceb61b8a5 super heart chiple
Super Heart Chiple
596001e64cf18b1f9c7fdd8d0875f42787a786df calbee vegetable salad chips
Calbee Vegetable Salad Heart Chips
43451fcdb7673fc5cef4629048040f0e0d508666 choco stars
Shin-Chan Chocolate Stars
B2ff09888928fae810ade8b61a6d091c48381e16 glico biscuits
Glico Strawberry Biscuits
Befafd45abc2a9854031dfb49bff56681dbeaca8 pokemon choco puffs
Pokemon Chocolate Puffs
1aa97ba44b60d28d33518d2c711aedd2bc353799 kinako mochi diy
Chocolate Kinako Mochi DIY Kit
Dec6718494449c0826501bcaef0e715b6a1ff2f7 choco umaibo
Umaibo Chocolate
Eb86ef531b0cf3b177c0b619ab8782e37ad11ba4 kimchi rice puffs
Kimchi Rice Puffs
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