February 2020: #ShareTheLove

Take a sneak peek in our February box!

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Strawberry Mochi KitKats
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Blendy Stick Hōjicha
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Japanese Honey & Apple Pure Gummies
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Caplico Strawberry & Chocolate Hearts
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Tohato Caramel Corn
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Japanese Dragon Chips
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Calbee Veggie Heart chips
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Japanese Strawberry & Milk Cream Cake
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Japanese Shimi Choco Stick 
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Strawberry Heart Japanese Marshmallows
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Chocobat - Japanese baseball chocolate
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Crushed Strawberry Pocky
C8c57bcd e730 4be8 933c 5689252882af strawberrychocoballs
Japanese Strawberry Choco Balls
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Japanese Aji Cheese Chips
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Japanese Strawberry Softserve
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Uncle Pierre’s Roll Cake
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Black Thunder
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Koala's March - Strawberry
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