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January 2018: New Year Party

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our January Japanese snack box!

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Hokkaido Design Coca Cola
025c8d5522e262f35f8c6f177371ef873f2d0274 japanesesnackjan18 09
Morinaga Hi-Chew Premium Chardonnay
29027b4207db80b6225527515f5e95f15c750af4 japanesesnackjan18 07
Koala's March Kinako
4708c668ff4484df18e35c6a330e146d999819af japanesesnackjan18 05
Aerial Rich Chedder Cheese Flavor
Ed7681b0000608fea1f3374a94422790120ac61d jan18 08
Caplico Mini Ice Cream Flavored Snack
Efbef782d4f56db5cccbf61eecce4b48224b8208 japanesesnackjan18 02
Cream Rusk Snack
489fa6df587db87025687d35b29d8ab440918b7d japanesesnackjan18 01
Super Mario Chocolate
6b5fa4695b5740769bb4248e97aa28801a80e73a japanesesnackjan18 04
Slime Jelly DIY Kit
4e813f8598541b7a88e57710a2fcc2cc89c815f5 japanesesnackjan18 13
Porinki Corn Snacks
051b2c631b3f793aa9ce0aa66ecba01eba9e04c3 japanesesnackjan18 06
Vitamin C Charge Gummies
Da9af4d60e9ddd96bb041ea2cdf7b3cc8ff17a84 japanesesnackjan18 14
Red Snapper Cracker
C0ccc64c922c46d8878238f6e39281ae22877dc8 japanesesnackjan18 12
Pizza Umaibo
Aa522d82987dc829c1ac74808a7587cc88f61ed6 japanesesnackjan18 11
Ramune Soda Candy Share Pack
5c13ddd1116f65231fcab6d9a52b020e8a23152d japanesesnackjan18 03
Crunchy Panda Party Pack
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