January 2020: Cozy Winter's Night

Take a sneak peek inside our January box!

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Calbee Winter Potato Chips
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Japanese Animal Biscuits
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Lipton Tropical Charge Tea OR Sakura Tea
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XL Furata Anime Cookies Party Pack
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Bubbly Rainbow Taiyaki
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Fluffy Softmallow
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Milk Giant Caplico
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Night Sky Star Candy
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Little Mikan Mints
431e2181 f46c 494a 81c8 354209af144f cheese umaibo
Cheese Umaibo
3eee0c6b 24ce 40cf 921a 390475ffa85f choco cake
Yuraku Choco Cake
Ac55420d 0454 4622 8595 c66e7dc80d74 winter kakigori gummies
Winter Kakigori Gummies
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Maple Hotcakes
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Diamond Ring Candy
9c96b9b2 c127 498e aa98 dcaf9f7be0c6 colorful baby s marshmallows
Colorful Baby Marshmallows
B2ce1dfc afec 449f a815 4aa4036abc9a dengeki hunter diy kit
Dengeki Hunter
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Key Ring Chocolates
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