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July 2018: Camping Getaway

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our July Japanese snack box!

B015ac52e120667fce8d6bdb5be6caf0347b9148 july 2018 uji matcha jelly japanese drink 0
Uji Matcha Jelly Japanese Drink
109b19d8824042c069486d030c1ca7d4e9489473 july 2018 cookie and cream strawberry cheesecake japanese kit kats 1
Cookie and Cream & Strawberry Cheesecake Japanese Kit Kats
Abf590f6c6f453f611da0b8223350a99e7e49d25 july 2018 pineapple coconut marshmallows 2
Pineapple & Coconut Marshmallows
0a2fdc5fed019ab4d7efbcddbce0d01aed839a1f july 2018 butter toast sesame biscuits party pack 3
Butter Toast & Sesame Biscuits Party Pack
60c5bbae3b9f658de985747904da14154694c18c july 2018 koikeya tempura matcha salt chips 4
Koikeya Tempura Matcha Salt Chips
Bda7ee829229d40aaade32bcbcfa2c76c04eb911 july 2018 chocolate mint twigs 5
Chocolate Mint Twigs
448496fd9fccc1828a6520c03245ed8f022016b9 july 2018 okara cheesecake cookies 6
Okara Cheesecake Cookies
89c724551bc28aeba78f21e6841b12b2f5ee5113 july 2018 rich bbq potato sticks 7
Rich BBQ Potato Sticks
5d05985823fe648674c952783a7e1eae2b9baee2 july 2018 poteko potato rings share pack 8
Poteko Potato Rings Share Pack
6bc7eac60e02216982c0048654ef76d89e2a8907 july 2018 pretty cure chocolate wafer 9
Pretty Cure Chocolate Wafer
D6e0b5eb1f00cc00792f11faa58011f8a1b2d0a6 july 2018 cheese umaibo 10
Cheese Umaibo
25044f45ee1fb50ffb9489a3332b987d1f356db3 july 2018 grape soda gummy 11
Grape Soda Gummy
28fd4a0bca23fd653bbfd878c38734161c5e1ccc july 2018 konpeito candy 12
Konpeito Candy
3d934f6fc80ba0f66479427f34a28da6bb341a95 july 2018 water candy diy japanese candy kits 13
Water Candy DIY Japanese Candy Kits