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June 2017:

Rainy Day Snacks

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Rainy Day Snackin'!

June is famous for being the peak of the Rainy Season here in Japan. And with so many rainy days ahead - we'll need plenty of Japanese snacks to stay inside with. Don't worry! Your favorite Japanese snack box has you covered!

From Shin-Chan snacks to Sakura juice, you'll have so many snacks you won't have any worries killing time during the rainy season! Why not check out what seasonal Japanese snacks are coming your way this month!

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Box Overview

Items Detail

Item imageO’zack Sesame Chili Oil or Chip Star Mild Salt
Item imageMarble Chocolate
Item imageShimi Choco Corn Soft Cream
Item imageChocobi Space Parfait
Item imageMix Fruit Soda Ramune Candies
Item imageBlack Thunder Kaki No Tane
Item imagePorippy Spicy Peanuts
Item imagePie No Mi - PABLO Cheesecake Flavor
Item imageShinchan Puri Puri Pudding 5
Item imageKitKat Sakura Kinako (3P)
Item imageTropicana Sakura Peach Taste
Item imageOne Piece Multi-color Pen
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