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June 2017: Rainy Day Snacks

Feast your eyes on the delicious Japanese snacks found in our past snack boxes!

32aa5aba824d1a71f2485f687acccd74758c1e20 p kitkat sakura kinako 3p
KitKat Sakura Kinako (3P)
Be0e243a882adab971e874d6f89798d3f8b1a100 p one piece multi color pen
One Piece Multi-Color Pen
49e14a2eaf5689a4d0a94d3939268a0b37c06dc7 p pie no mi   pablo cheesecake
Pie No Mi - PABLO Cheesecake Flavor
Cd91b80e62da66e935ee2a78d9dbdcd48be781f3 p shinchan puri puri pudding
Shinchan DIY Butt Pudding 5
6ebb8f5c45767218773d16989dfd09f8a5e6ba12 p tropicana sakura peach taste
Tropicana Sakura Peach Taste
214b0e5eb25f1cc608b3c8f5671d6a663cf1d52c r black thunder kaki no tane
Black Thunder Kaki No Tane
A8f9bc7e90f78f278d9c3d5d3f43ad4be5928adb r chocobi space parfait
Chocobi Space Parfait
B91f94b6a6ad00f295a215f5b5489bc1ade3db76 r mix fruit soda ramune candies
Mix Fruit Soda Ramune Candies
B868cb7fad59cab165fad7ee86aca5979710ab51 r porippy spicy peanuts
Porippy Spicy Peanuts
956fcb4a12e535b4de33af3314594b769f2dae5e r shimi choco corn
Shimi Choco Corn Soft Cream
39af502343bf9a5e7c162833461d36d1313c23ab s chip star mild salt
Chip Star Mild Salt
E361f1f32801ceff994cfb66768abc5ee87b1f32 s dagashi mix
Dagashi Mix
F9b5427cc058be28f5ccc17a903151d5b848534b s marble chocolate
Marble Chocolate
0e46d9cdbea1fe7bab4f5590c3e067ad762fef75 s ozack sesame chili oil
O'zack Sesame Chili Oil Chips
A6ae5ba441901bd322d8845731d2065ce510988f s super himoq
Super HimoQ - Grape and Muscat Flavor
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