June 2019: Hanami Picnic

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our June Japanese snack box!

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Furuta Sakura Mochi Cookies
7ef6df7b3602bdda39316461df5379feeacecd80 cp calbee shrimp
Calbee Sakura Shrimp Chips
3825fcea0ea12854a7af0b3565bba5f561b841e8 cp sakura tea
Lipton Sakura Tea
87c8b5dc320f5faab60b05014488f82de0e5f874 cp sumikko seal gum
Sumikkogurashi Card and Seal Gum
7efda0eeade4666ad72b70742211e721da5e6700 cp nori potato sticks
Nori Potato Sticks
A73fe776d8dd425610f50bd342b3ea8fb1f33717 cp nacho cheese pringles
Nacho Cheese Pringles
77ea4c11702c300f75d9330f2d2a987e1e555996 cp strawberry crushed pocky
Crushed Strawberry Pocky
54d89c67b65c6ab8ec754636957266e6580c59d1 cp porickey german potato stikcs
Yaokin Porickey German Potato Sticks
24c8298566b11602205cbeb25ed71dbea7911424 cp ramune energy drink bubble candy
Ramune Energy Drink Bubble Candy
8ec7a6de0385c5a6900390400710d56da0b8993d cp anpanman soft corn
Anpanman Soft Corn 4 pack
19671b09faca120969685351b7bfe2725605c3fb cp yaokin kinako cake
Yaokin Kinako Cake
83be563d0a6dccb4d9d0104aa5fb53e428fb6bf6 cp candy apple diyv
Candy Apple DIY Kit
35170f342962acd0cf80f346ef8a24932271a7b9 cp umaibo mentaiko
Umaibo Mentaiko Flavor
90b3efa8631870b5e78a1397f6d42147e310e6d9 cp abekko ramune candies
Abekko Ramune Candies
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