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March 2018: Sakura Season Surprise

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our March Japanese snack box!

59236e658c5b480c72cce3ce5ec37730b686f452 march 2018 peach coca cola 0
Peach Coca-Cola
5f060bc2089950fe799475a2cc78a08794ecce53 march 2018 sweet sake kit kats 1
Sweet Sake Kit Kats
E7ae6f54406745e5a3f7d1daf288cfbce51e3a8d march 2018 sakura shrimp potato ring party pack 2
Sakura Shrimp Potato Ring Party Pack
3978e977874d0b1707f7b6c5beac2b1011875809 march 2018 anpanman festival rice puffs 3
Anpanman Festival Rice Puffs
B136b3213e5aa0226e343f3531c7e53c2aaaf32f march 2018 melon bread cookie 4
Melon Bread Cookie
12c372920118f42cd4e205bb55f25a98066d144d march 2018 sakura marshmallows 5
Sakura Marshmallows
4f272b0fa9f4ca47a24e06d5646288f86d08088c march 2018 shimi choco corn milky red bean 6
Shimi Choco Corn - Milky Red Bean
8202966d0c555ca10b154c5ba2bfc45f0180dcb3 march 2018 chocolate kinako mochi diy 7
Chocolate Kinako Mochi DIY
18083588885b10c8686a6cda3323f431e87ed1db march 2018 ginger tea hard candy 8
Ginger Tea Hard Candy
A7f0c225bfb9d9cccf5c9eab3df19fe2e2d4697a march 2018 puccho gummy hoppe chan cherry 9
Puccho Gummy - Hoppe-Chan Cherry
931359ec1cce0e340c1dd28ef59dcab4641f0193 march 2018 salty split pea sticks 10
Salty Split Pea Sticks
F01241702628b87c1cabc86fdfbd12b7c5155536 march 2018 sweet soy sauce cracker share pack 11
Sweet Soy Sauce Cracker Share Pack
429303abb429853dbc790b1dede9d10e6b90307c march 2018 veggie salad umaibo 12
Veggie Salad Umaibo
3aaa1895810361fee821b5f3fb3bb368ca6a1d16 march 2018 squid jerky 13
Squid Jerky
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