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March 2018: Sakura Season Surprise

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our March Japanese snack box!

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Peach Coca-Cola
3cf8f8cab70abcc5dbce0a30a43d4f664e5c7333 amasake
Sweet Sake Kit Kats
8e4dcebaf87cd128222ef4b76bf60d1016f38050 rings
Sakura Shrimp Potato Ring Party Pack
33e9bef99f6f29ef6367fb69ceb8a9d9a1b0de0d anpanman1
Anpanman Festival Rice Puffs
B0aba56bb8e37489eb33466df0723961bd8c306f melon
Melon Bread Cookie
Eb3c02407b1737759ff0d64bba788e9e32231c66 marshmallow
Sakura Marshmallows
4cd9cd496c3e8f4ebda2eea0912ce55d541e352b pink
Shimi Choco Corn - Milky Red Bean
263113dcfa56fb6222c7fd58bb8bfd346c484ebd diy
Chocolate Kinako Mochi DIY
6ce4d65c19ba91d362480f8b404c8f8ce08b481e watisdis
Ginger Tea Hard Candy
Db2c507f841029f8d11ddfedfd97a8193fae1994 candy
Puccho Gummy - Hoppe-Chan Cherry
Dd51f051ce754bdd56596ab564c60f8f1469eb79 endou
Salty Split Pea Sticks
Daa55d8c7b84f0587dc5cf07b235c068ce1d1a16 anpanman2
Sweet Soy Sauce Cracker Share Pack
459ea82dc27ae4979e860c9622fe1ab5e85380ea umaibo
Veggie Salad Umaibo
65997ab55c2e261c09d5f89a0b2ac77742077e6f jerky
Squid Jerky
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