March 2019: Spring Market

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our March Japanese snack box!

141df43eef5869619a2bd2c98a03434b73825856 peach cola
Peach Coca Cola
Eb06acf1c37f2c2ee45e488dd729e1c6a433d2d2 banana omelette cake
Banana Omelette Cakes
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Look A La Mode Party Pack
9374c6d73d6c3ad59e13a45b78d43b380025bf9e buttery salted sweet potato chips
Buttery Salted Sweet Potato Chips
35ecbd640c16ec0f208e85b802993cad3fc381a5 minion chocolate wafer
Minions Chocolate Wafer
254e2d79b6d7a1663be91c6f14fc733e63ff27be curry corn snack
Curry Corn Snack
854ddd9f339ac5baa2798a5aac20c76bd6656fa9 pokemon sun  moon cookies
Pokemon Sun & Moon Cookies
Edfa8aeb70b645486fd367619e9b6c0472a74e22 rice puff carrot
Rice Puff Carrot
1f10ec9c1d47d60655fa83413cbbbf528077c124 pineapple candy
Pineapple Candy
04c024527790b2c313dd9fbbe658067961d50a13 pea stick snack
Pea Stick Snack
E1e7950a068b33d1e6542f019fc41446fb97cb46 ramune candy
Ramune Candy
12eb806ee62259339b327650906958b55e7372de split pea snack
Split Pea Snack or Veggie Potato Stick Share Pack
9cc7630fc793573e4f51a5842819ea9cc5046d67 soft candy diy kit
Exciting Animal Soft Candy DIY Kit
Fdda8efe9362d8668d958123cb443cd535f84f6e bear cub gummies
Bear Cub Gummies
Db9e065827c4a4c693467fcee989a1fb0d341efe teriyaki burger umaibo
Teriyaki Burger Umaibo
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