March 2020: Happy Girls Day

Take a peek in our March box!

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Coca Cola Strawberry
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Peach Caramel Corn
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Pokemon Hinamatsuri Snack Pack
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Japanese Festival Cotton Candy
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Sugar Rusk Umaibō
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Cocoa and Milk Koala’s March
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KitKat Macha Yuzu
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Mike Japanese Plum Popcorn
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Mochi Taro
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Spicy Japanese Grain Crackers
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Japanese Cocoa Bolo Treat
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Japanese Turtle Crackers
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Pandaro Cookies
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Japanese Mini Monster Gummies
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Japanese Long Gum - Grape
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Japanese Baby Crunchy Seaweed Salt Crackers
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Full Moon Pon Japanese snack
Tokyotreat%2f485929c2 59d1 4328 b8f8 459832d49fbd star Today's Promo

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