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May 2018: Anime Snack Attack

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our May Japanese snack box!

49ec09a9d3aa108615c785e8a71183bebb5073eb may 2018 minute maid craftz cherry peach 0
Minute Maid Craftz Cherry & Peach
00d835efe394227a580722573aede24e23ecced6 may 2018 shin chan gummy 1
Shin-Chan Gummy
A3b511d2f9bb69ce0eb215a95f84151a4acd7e28 may 2018 chocopie party pack 2
Chocopie Party Pack
6c1160c9ed6ed73d13bc0af771225b255637333a may 2018 dragon ball cheese puffs 3
Dragon Ball Cheese Puffs
9e79c223b47e413fc89b59788fdfe5254e16525b may 2018 boruto hand gummy 4
Boruto Hand Gummy
8d6bc7fc641ca8f981b3946e274c79ae5a1d3e8b may 2018 boruto pineapple jellies 5
Boruto Pineapple Jellies
104f771f9b90eba9fe61a300b63b39d18040bce3 may 2018 splatoon gummies 6
Splatoon Gummies
23937250c20a78119ad912ce288fdf262d532fac may 2018 one piece bubble jelly diy 7
One Piece Bubble Jelly DIY
Ad9fe1547821dd893c40ac1b47b257399db6aeb6 may 2018 sriracha rice chips 8
Sriracha Rice Chips
5bc7f4c2dcdccead2babcfa84a062c9d64f0dec3 may 2018 umaibo mentaiko 9
Umaibo Mentaiko
Ec5b63aaa68eae2651796ae776ae11118f8dba22 may 2018 don taro udon snack 10
Don Taro Udon Snack
893fed501e2a0ba0d28a8d5dbc1e4d687e99b40a may 2018 thomas the train engine chewy candy 11
Thomas the Train Engine Chewy Candy
F464613a5ed31cecda4e6072cc68696201050e34 may 2018 senzu bean edamame share pack 12
Senzu Bean Edamame Share Pack
5a3307745e60236dec95aef24727d62bfa3b7924 may 2018 shin chan chocobi almond tofu corn puff 13
Shin-Chan Chocobi Almond Tofu Corn Puff