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May 2018: Anime Snack Attack

Take a peek inside our May Japanese snack box!

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Minute Maid Craftz Cherry & Peach
5dd8988f02e4d323698a7ecce5bfe91e7bbac2d8 snack 11
Shin-Chan Gummy
3a34b73a4e15f443bc694a347da963a9dcc05fcf snack 8
Choco Pie Party Pack
7b15e566b05e79d86e3670bb309222c18bdf6912 snack 4
Dragon Ball Cheese Puffs
80b0449286f258b5f8694c58be1a0601350e0db4 snack 5
Boruto Hand Gummy
09ebdb4d86b72c3635430eb61d0c7f227635569a snack 9
Boruto Pineapple Jellies
8a4447b39e630c36a8fdacb78d9834ad12ef17e6 snack 7
Splatoon Gummies
D0098c5703c77e02b2ce2a4bf4c1b897adcffc7a snack 2
One Piece Bubbly Jelly DIY
A42f0809979c5db8780b2ecbaf31058af65dba9d snack 6
Sriracha Rice Chips
90506d643c739a93ac76bace1612ea1581399f73 snack 12
Umaibo Mentaiko
F13a48688dba2268c639efac020a1233e9ecb4b9 snack 13
Don Taro Udon Snack
A23d58be214c0fff94e90b4cf43c0deca1c3f1e9 snack 14
Thomas the Train Engine Chewy Candy
6b0f43a065451960ec1f8f6ad5e32b54b5d11aab snack 10
Senzu Bean Edamame Share Pack
76d0e642016b9c721ed28e3ecad54326e686b986 snack 15
Shin-Chan Chocobi Almond Tofu Corn Puff
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