May 2019: Tutti Fruity

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our May Japanese snack box!

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Sakura Japanese Sake Kit Kats
B842160e1a85d39477e0429c3e8204086b3eeb45 may shimi choco   matcha
Ginbis Matcha Chocolate Corn Puffs
Eb839d672a8915bd03a735474fee704f7a0c4c07 may fanta
Fanta Yogurt Banana Mix
B7df6cab01c29962674fd267d73041ff4147fd7b may hello kitty lollipop
Hello Kitty Strawberry Lollipop
B42711c6a1866be23b07c5dacc0c9009985cd344 may mochitaro puffs
New Mochitaro Puffs
B8b7f6c223b9949242496ed0f6841eb03ee3474b may calbee lightly salted chips
Calbee Lightly Salted Potato Chips
3ac0da2fc5d3a5c3b9b4d588e298e91b885ffb56 may calbee wasabi chips
Calbee Wasabi Potato Chips
8b2e3dbb736290a3df0c6cb56aec36e87fa1e5bc may ginza rusk strawberry
Ginza Rusk Pink Strawberry Biscuits
Ebb7528a5f0a5508055ba38aae98d85211c1f8e3 may chobo chobo cookies
Chobo Chobo Cookies
221eecbaad54553b646f58f7d44111ca46846b28 may cherry mochi
Cherry Mochi
C97fe0730ba24e1191cfdaa626f601f48144d087 may tohato caramel corn puffs
Tohato Caramel Corn Puffs
5ee31e29e8229e242f7628a88c7242ccdef6f4ce may strawberry mochi
Strawberry Mochi
D2fcd53eba223f7175ddd96d834a0fcc62a5f9d1 may strawberry soft cream diy
Strawberry Soft Cream DIY Snack
63eb433ba588d3cbf25befa53a6228444e6c27c5 may sugar rusk umai bar
Sugar Rusk Umai Bar
644e452846560931b4de7c81f6a819f80d9b01e9 may dotaro crispy flakesv
Dotaro Crispy Flakes
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