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November 2017: Flavorful Thanksgiving Feast

Feast your eyes on the delicious Japanese snacks found in our past snack boxes!

98ff93d5d6a1f61aa0d975c7e70e2e099ef3a9db p diy pokemon sun and moon soft candy kit
DIY Pokemon Sun and Moon Soft Candy Kit
087a078287e156ad9436fb536740cc9a88b9c1d5 p gudetama rubber magnet
Gudetama Rubber Magnet
Ae812bce05de9109034e7885ca714b0b091bda03 p kirin chocolate mint milk tea
Kirin Chocolate Mint Milk Tea
559a269e59cadf8e3afb2fc9754988801035fe6a p pretz mild honey roast
Pretz Mild Honey Roast
F9e777c027237f2e232cec8feed9d261573141f2 p squid crackers
Squid Crackers
E9fc23e8526025503390b831bf1db25d27be70f4 r choco flakes crisp balls   kinako
Choco Flakes Crisp Balls - Kinako
657860f7f8b123735b7b9c6a38c9425f30e139c0 r giant chocolate snack
Giant Chocolate Snack
21459261744c33c4540a68c6897b51ea5661c433 r sapporo multi veggie sticks
Sapporo Multi-veggie Sticks
E61d4c0295e1d9d5c2b1afc64453566be39d4322 r super light rice crackers
Super Light Rice Crackers
0972a2c8541cf4a4fb5008460eb52ab7c4ec75d8 r vending machine cola gummies
Vending Machine Cola Gummies
C51e9ca1e1d92374f59785baa36f5414b72ea0c9 s calbee osatsu snack
Calbee Osatsu Snack
Aa9e45bca1c354e6ccef165234f0ceb807536daa s dagashi   baked sweet potato yokan
Dagashi - Baked Sweet Potato Yokan
585a581a2973f5b1c4d8e5879acb56a00a413d58 s dagashi   cola gummy
Dagashi - Cola Gummy
Ff7a4dc9a6076b8be748902bcc0f203a7171331d s dagashi   twisted marshmallow
Dagashi - Twisted Marshmallow
Cc6e707cc8347112f60e3e2f3a8a6d2c1bae69eb s dagashi   umaibo cheese
Dagashi - Umaibo Cheese
89a475fce5ff5a2d236d18094d8fbb8089ec6443 s dagashi   yakisoba sauce snack
Dagashi - Yakisoba Sauce Snack
4e212f8fda22ed92ace0b1ed3ef6328ad32b0fb1 s morinaga strawberry ramune
Morinaga Strawberry Ramune
9078d7db7186d26c3ddf5661ab1ae9b35c9a4137 s pocky double fromage
Pocky Double Fromage
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