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November 2018: It's Fall Y'all

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our November Japanese snack box!

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Chestnut Kit Kats
D3fae13519e8d046014dbb9343c21652fc039444 tt nov 01
Canada Dry Peach Ginger Ale
1f438117ad0f8d5cb78c95005271db6139c5e9de tt nov 02
Apple Pie Pie No Mi
1560f770fe47f814f0bdd1f131b00d8eae003985 tt nov 12
Disney Tsum Tsum Bitesize Choco
94804760cb437d920e28172411b48f074b5b572d tt nov 08
King's Crown Chocolate Cookie
C151983ee0960b7b4a8a7796abb6460a15bf5d6a tt nov 13
Mont Blanc Shimi Choco
C9d603a2e015191a1c38a05c485b2f5711848df6 tt nov 04
Sweet Potato Caramel
12864e9eb07f56006158b1fb3af8b16e6ef89541 tt nov 05
Puffy Sweet Potato Chips
2df23377be226faeddbfb331cd4f8ebcde1a7a5f tt nov 14
Juicy Gummies
Baef8c7a61792b517df0eece39c0dfe3f5f37848 tt nov 10
Japanese BBQ Scone Share Pack
De40439204bc14b5e8118c65cc10efbee716b164 tt nov 03
Bisco Sandwich Snack
Fdd6f42a681c189f5065107d1cf7d5c711a8e3b2 tt nov 07
Ramune Soft Ice Cream DIY Kit
A60a83cd99f3a3ec156020ad3b1bf9c37cae50fc tt nov 09
Vegetable Salad Umaibo
96dc675b826878e8c246325d7bd8cdd2fdc56a85 tt nov 06
Yakisoba Taro Snack
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