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October 2017: Halloween

Feast your eyes on the delicious Japanese snacks found in our past snack boxes!

7073718d29955b480f81a6b338275d66ea93afeb p hana kappa diy bubbly jelly
Hana Kappa DIY Bubbly Jelly
Fa24cf451cb0e62744629cedf92731d8c23f5a17 p melon soda jelly drink
Melon Soda Jelly Drink
2bbe123def5859456e5daa33d1c53015d151147a p mogimogi fruits gummy
Mogimogi Fruits Gummy
4a87c2d6c2433d79f500413d194ae3ccab3662ef p one piece wax paper
One Piece Wax Paper
50e4a6d9c0150a6e4d425d0c04d011c7c8819898 p pie no mi halloween version
Pie No Mi Halloween Version
E2d4ae7a743a78a390112d29fcf72fb16d9e614a r chestnut yokan
Waraku No Sato Chestnut Yokan
Ff1efe64ac9733025beb00d97e4642509b9011c3 r harvest mont blanc chestnut
Harvest Mont Blanc Choco Sandwich
Cbcdc4fcd80b8c450809f639d75ce5f2add0fb36 r horror mask
Horror Mask Mint
C1cba0a012fffa5fc916e953f1dc19515d60f4f0 r satsumanma sweet potato apple chips
Satsumanma Sweet Potato & Apple Chips
130c8bd9be9bf37059d48835c59f6384d4305fdf r toppo   halloween version
Toppo Halloween Version
E361f1f32801ceff994cfb66768abc5ee87b1f32 s dagashi mix
Dagashi Mix
D0348e387291c3e8d8d6b4b382f9ec944608ea0a s koala march   halloween version
Koala's March Halloween Version
65dae00c70adc47645242544e008b8b23f1c2bc1 s paripipo avocado cheese snack
Paripipo Avocado Cheese Potato Snack
Cee5cc6f11d8595f9012094c6aeb758e5bc818d4 s zombie maker gum
Zombie Maker Gum
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