October 2019: Poke-Monster Night

Take a peek inside our October box.

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Apple Pie Kit Kats
8e370b602a14feecb6595ceda1305160c4718a77 pokemon ramune
Pokemon Ramune
Fa12038b7b65f9e9ec47ccd84f1f4effac79a066 pikachu gummies
Pikachu Gummies
Aa3863c4214166c6b1804c00d93ce24d3a9d6385 pokemon halloween chocolate
Pokemon Halloween Chocolate
C0ad7c3f6686b148eb44937c8f11f6690878bc22 halloween brown sugar sweets
Halloween Brown Sugar Sweets
1ee58e24bae03a17d6795c1b651e8c2c74b84aa0 poteco pumpin gratin
Poteco Pumpkin Gratin
85b71552c3fad496a6fcc94326bb8f492f057d12 pokemon cola chewing candy
Pokemon Cola Chewing Candy
1e4f8417d714435bb1cc48e91f71b698a99bdd11 blue green soda gum
Blue Green Soda Gum
Ded56062af99adb54ca46889c88e68475c8fcd83 zomb grape gum
ZomB Grape Gum
Fb5198472fe223b6a2533efd613e906536280e97 hallowen milk senbei
Halloween Milk Senbei
172572ab1befb97df0304631238136bba3d6a864 pizza corn snacks
Halloween Pizza Corn Snacks
D6b80552de033be59c02caa437afe3819621e14e disappering taste gummies
Disappearing Taste?! Mixed Gummies
Dd52d9af32816afb793ed6690be458340728d197 strange syrup diy
Strange Syrup
7e9bda26bbd2c0ed07605462741614c4e5a6b0f6 squid legs
Squid Legs
68b5d8acecab89468bae6283063c5e0dc1679bc5 corn potage umaibo
Corn Potage Umaibo
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Bloody Cola Marshmallow
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