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September 2018: Movie Night

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our September Japanese snack box!

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Mango Pokémon Soda
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Kinako Crackers
E785b247df7ca22e0bf6b7f76f13f8785ba91935 tt sept 04
Calbee Kishu Plum Chips
9c67a652746fa3775e24c7af884d6db7172bf2e5 tt sept 05
Marshmallow Twist
A1815a55d22496a98ea5fbed56a2a9e63e529a4c tt sept 13
Pretty Cure Popcorn
59b2c10dc6a82a90d2b8c12b35a0d4bb55a27935 tt sept 11
Kinako No Yama Chocolate Banana
42fbd1018dd6c0c5579ca434429f14e531c0f138 tt sept 12
Hokkaido Matcha Milk Candy
992ae827844e80b26de44132ef1f6a7bfc5f7301 tt sept 14
Okinawa Pineapple Hi-Chew
352a9eaafeeb4be2e372bc6773030312facd553c tt sept 08
Spicy Pepper Pea Corn Puff Rings
E3dd50bd3780a777a26d8b685905e6c7e7f291bd tt sept 07
Brown Sugar Traditional Wheat Puff
Fd35ae253f2a31813a3e8f57bb46a9ec7098f5ce tt sept 06
Shrimp Mayonnaise Umaibo
7e5ea6d22c917fe773105a75b636fff827e939c3 tt sept 10
Strawberry Soft Serve Ice Cream DIY
C7584356ed5c0609265b40c53a7ec12dfd0f2378 tt sept 09
Stretchy Grape Gummies
567a0036b17199134aa383e37b690c484e6e1bac tt sept 02
Anpanman Fluffy Corn Puffs
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