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Moon Festival Snackin'

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TokyoTreat's September box is displayed with colorful Moon Festival (Tsukimi) inspired snacks and drinks.

Welcome to the Moon Festival!

Summer is finally cooling down, and fall is almost here! That means Japan is getting ready to celebrate one of their biggest fall events: the Moon Festival! 

This celebration of nature and beauty kicks off in late September this year, with lots of stunning views of the moon and yummy treats guaranteed! 

A porch of an old Japanese house is pictured, with Tsukimi elements in the background including: Tsukimi dango, susuki pampas grass, and a glowing harvest moon between two Japanese traditional shoji doors.

We wanna bring you a taste of this awesome fall celebration, so we've filled this box with all of our favorite Moon Festival-inspired treats! So come on, grab your friends, and get ready to enjoy some Moon Festival Snackin’!

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Item imageKitKat Chestnut
Item imageBlack Pepper Potato Chips
Item imageJapanese Mikan Orange Juice
Item imageFull Moon Rice Cracker
Item imageMint Chocolate Moon Pebbles
Item imageSoy Sauce & Sesame Senbei
Item imagePickled Daikon Potato Chips
Item imageSweet Soy Sauce Kibidango
Item imageBrown Sugar & Kinako Mochi Stick
Item imageOnion Soup Corn Puffs
Item imageCustard Flavor Choco Balls
Item imageWasabi Fish Jerky
Item imageGrape Fizzy Candy
Item imageTokyoTreat's Top Noodle Picks!
Item imageTokyoTreat's Snack Surprise!
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