5 Fall Snack Flavors You Need to Try

08 October 2019 by Kartini

What do you think when you hear about fall? The beautiful scenery? The colour of the leaves changing into a vibrant shade of orange, yellow and brown? In Japan you can experience Japanese culture called Momijigari, it's the Japanese tradition of visiting areas where leaves have turned red in the fall. But on top of that, the most important element of fall is food! These foods are packed with flavor and are all really delicious to enjoy in the Fall season. 

You can easily find many merchants that sell seasonal foods in Japan. Even big franchises like Haagen-Dazs, Mister Donut and Starbucks release special menus to celebrate the Autumn season. 

To give you some insight, we will introduce you to 5 of our favorite Fall snacks that you must try.

Yakiimo / Japanese Sweet Potato

We bet all countries in Asia like to enjoy sweet potato. In Japan, sweet potato is usually made into dorayaki, momiji manju or mochi. Of course you can always eat the sweet potato as is. From traditional to modern foods, sweet potato can fit them all. You may remember Yakiimo from our article 10 Japanaese Snacks to Bundle Up With on a Rainy Day

Kuri / Chestnuts

Some of you might be thinking that chestnut is more fit in winter, however in Japan people enjoy chestnuts on fall. Chestnut can be enjoyed plain, or mixed with rice to make buttery or sweet snacks. 

Kaki / Persimmon

Persimmons are a Fall staple found commonly in households across Japan.The taste is very flavorful, either mix them on salad, cake or just eat it,  very delicious!

Kabocha/ Japanese Pumpkin

You can find pumpkin in every season in Japan, but the best pumpkins  are harvested in Fall. A unique way to enjoy pumpkin in fall is make it into Korokke or Kabocha Croquette. 

Ringo / Apple

The fruit associated most with Fall is the apple. Usually, a lot of snack companies release some special apple flavored treats, such as KitKats, or even apple flavored drinks. This Fall, KitKat gets apple pie flavored, which you can find on our October box! The best apples in Japan come from Aomori, so next time you are in town for the season treat yourself to Aomori Apples.

All of them look so tempting and delicious, it makes us always love the Fall season. In Japan, Fall comes around late September until early December so mark your calendar to visit Japan and experience the Fall in magical ways.

If you have experienced Fall in Japan please share with us your story in the comments below!

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