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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks Blog5 Fun Japanese Candy Trick-or-Treat Ideas

5 Fun Japanese Candy Trick-or-Treat Ideas

Oliver McMahonOliver McMahon
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October 05, 2021
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June 21, 2022

It’s coming up to spooky season and that can mean only one thing – lots of Japanese snacks filled with the spirit of Halloween. Enjoying tasty Japanese chocolate, sweets and treatst are what this season is all about.

Monthly Japanese snack and candy box TokyoTreat is no stranger to sharing spook-tacular snacks with the TokyoTreat fam. But with Halloween being a great opportunity to share Japanese snacks with both friends and as Trick-or-Treat favors, you can also have the opportunity to introduce people to your Halloween faves!

We’ve outlined some of our top picks for 2021 Japanese Halloween candy that's perfect for handing out to your local Trick-or-Treaters!

1. KitKat Apple Cinnamon

Japanese KitKats come and go with the seasons, and the Halloween versions are incredibly popular. Every year, Nestle Japan releases a new flavor that is packed with Halloween magic and fall flavors, like 2021’s KitKat Apple Cinnamon. These mini Japanese KitKats are jam-packed with fruity apple and cinnamon flavor that highlights the flavors of fall. 

What makes these Japanese KitKats even more special is the super cute Halloween party-inspired packaging. They set the scene full of fun vibes that makes it perfect for a Halloween celebration setting or passing them out to trick-or-treaters. Score your Japanese Halloween KitKats on JapanHaul! 

2. Pokemon Halloween Choco Corn Party Pack

Gotta catch all the snacks! Pokemon are here having a super fun Halloween party and you’re invited! These Japanese choco corn puffs come in the shape of mini Pikachu heads and come in Halloween limited edition party packs featuring Pokemon in Halloween settings.

This party pack features individually wrapped light and crunchy corn snacks that are highly recommended if you're living in a neighborhood of trick-or-treating Pokemon fans (or if you want to just snack out on them all to yourself!). Score your Pokemon snacks perfect for Halloween now!  

3. Halloween Lotte Choco Pie

Halloween + cake sounds like a match made in (spooky) heaven! The cute Halloween packaging on top of Lotte’s classic Choco Pie gives the super tasty snack a new and spooky twist. The cake has a fluffy texture and hauntingly unforgettable cream filling!

Lotte’s popular cake is always a hit Japanese treat that will put your house on the trick-or-treat map! Score your Choco Pie goodness for a spooky snack!

Want to snack on Japan-exclusive Kit Kats, soda, and other Japanese candy & snacks ASAP? TokyoTreat delivers a delicious Japanese snack experience for you to enjoy at home!

4. Country Ma'am Halloween Party Pack

Do you know about the rumors behind Fujiya’s Peko-chan? She has a spooky backstory that is definitely worth a look! And you’ll have a whole new spooky snack time vibe with this awesome Halloween-exclusive Japanese caramel apple cookie party pack. 

The moist and gooey cookies are individually wrapped which makes them a great snack for sharing with your pals or your surprise Halloween visitors (ghostly or otherwise). Take home your tasty Japanese party pack with JapanHaul!

5. Halloween Strawberry Pocky Party Pack

Crunchy Pocky are the classic Japanese chocolate-coated biscuit sticks that are here in party pack form that are perfect for sharing this Halloween! Pocky Day (11/11) is fast approaching too, but they make an amazing Halloween treat beforehand!

Being individually wrapped with multiple sticks in a pack, they would make your house a must visit on the trick-or-treating route. Crunch on Pocky this Halloween all month with JapanHaul.

A New Share Pack Every Month?!

Share packs are awesome, and Japanese share packs up the stakes. Many Japanese share packs, like the share packs featured above, are only around for a very short time and find their appeal in their seasonality, from sakura KitKats in the spring to fruity KitKats in the summer. 

Never miss a season exclusive Japanese KitKat share pack with monthly snack box TokyoTreat! Find out what awesome Japanese snacks are coming this month!

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