Top 5 Weird Japanese DIY Candies!

19 July 2019 by Kartini

Japanese snacks are famous for their creativity, every snack was that born in Japan tend to have a uniqueness that can't be found in other countries easily. For candy, we all know that Japan sells many DIY candies that make eating candy into a hands on experience that's even more fun and exciting! If you don't know about DIY candy, DIY stands for Do It Yourself so you can make your candy based on the instructions in every pack, there's a lot of varieties too! It can be just dipping, moulding, stacking or shaking! If you're interested in trying weird Japanese DIY candy, then carry on reading! We made a list of 5 that will make you need to try them asap!

1. Popin Cookin’ Okosama Lunch

This cute lunch box looks like a regular meal but also a candy! With this DIY candy you'll make food shaped candy, not only are they uniquely shaped they offer but the flavour is fruity, just imagine omelette tasting like orange! 🤣 Also this candy is super kids friendly so you can enjoy making this with younger kids too!

2. Moko Moko MokoWash

This DIY candy is definitely a surprise! You can see by the shape of the machine, but this washing machine doesn't wash clothes at all, it instead creates a strangely delicious foamy drink! They have 4 types that are each different flavours that you can collect. Start by adding the powder into this machine and it will be turned into a sweet drink before you know it!  

3. Popin’ Cookn’ Happy Sushi House by Hamee

The next DIY candy has a truly authentic Japanese look to it! This is sushi DIY candy. This candy is actually from the same company as the first one on our list,  Popin’ Cookn’. They're probably the most famous DIY candy and for this one you'll be guided on how to make different varieties of sushi, you'll even have your own shoyu (soy sauce) as a side dip!

4. Oekaki Stick Choco 5

This DIY candy is a little different since you can use your imagination to make your own shapes on this custom chocolate lollypop. Of course, they give an example for you to make, like the bunny one on the package, but the rest is entirely up to you. Just look at that cute mushroom in the picture above! What do you think you'd try to make?

5. Meigum DIY- Soft Candy Odangoyasan

The last DIY candy on our recommended list! The others may have tasted like a normal candy but this one tastes like mochi! The shapes are all based on traditional Japanese snacks. In this set you get a taiyaki, or a Japanese pancake shaped as a fish, strawberry mochi, and a dango set with the sweet shoyu sauce. For you who like sticky thing this will be perfect to try!

We seriously can't wait to try them all! Are you ready to try them too? Let us know what your favourite DIY candy is from the above list, or you can comment below other DIY candy that you like, maybe you will see them in our next box!

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