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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogAbura Soba and Five More Interesting Noodle Dishes!

Abura Soba and Five More Interesting Noodle Dishes!

Karina IkedoKarina Ikedo
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February 27, 2024
A bowl of abura soba.

You’re most likely familiar with Japanese ramen, which has an iconic reputation worldwide. But many other exciting noodle dishes are eaten across the country. One of them is abura soba.

There are plenty of different types of noodles for foodies to get their heads around. It’s safe to say that no trip to Japan would be complete without enjoying at least one of these dishes. From abura soba to ramen, start exploring the wide world of noodles and all the best dishes they’re incorporated into!

Abura Soba

Skip the broth and uniquely enjoy ramen with this delicious abura soba (brothless ramen)! Made with chewy ramen noodles mixed with a rich and flavorful soy sauce. You can also enjoy it with all your favorite ramen noodles toppings. Toppings are mostly simple, with the most popular being onsen tamago (soft-boiled egg), chashu (braised pork), and green onions. 

A bowl of abura soba.
Abura soba is a soupless ramen with all kinds of ingredients! Image via Shutterstock

These noodles are beyond words: a little sour, spicy, savory, and oh-so-delicious. Abura soba is saucy, packed with flavor, and super satisfying– perfect for a quick lunch or weeknight! Before eating, don’t forget to mix well to get the most out of the flavor. Usually, vinegar and chili oil are the cherry on top of the cake!


Loaded with various and colorful ingredients, champon is a hearty and comforting noodle dish. Originating in China and introduced in Japan in the 50s, champon is a popular noodle dish filled with miscellaneous ingredients. It’s often called Nagasaki champon and is loved by people all over Japan. 

A bowl of Nagasaki champon.
Champon is a noodle dish of mixed vegetables and meat ina rick broth. Image via Shutterstock

Champon is a noodle soup dish with pork, seafood, lard, and vegetables served on top of the noodles. Served piping hot, the signature thick noodles of Nagasaki champon are a great way to slurp up the delicious broth. This dish has contrasting textures and flavors and is what anyone needs to lift the mood or kick a cold. It’s delicious and heartwarming. 

What’s unique is that the noodles are cooked with the rest of the ingredients. Like ramen, there are many variations of this dish. Some add soy sauce, some add miso, and others use rice. This dish is so popular that you can find Nagasaki champon specialty restaurants throughout Japan and elsewhere. 

Asahikawa Ramen

Asahikawa, Japan’s coldest big city, is famous for ramen! This ramen is flavored with soy sauce, uses thick, wavy noodles, and is classically served with chicken or fish broth. The broth of this Hokkaido ramen is also notable for being quite oily. The range of toppings is quite typical and includes green onions, pork, bamboo shoots, and eggs.

A bowl of Asahikawa ramen.
Asahikawa ramen is from Hokkaido. Image via Shutterstock

On the city’s outskirts is an exciting collection of ramen shops called the Asahikawa Ramen Village. Eight famous ramen restaurants from Asahikawa have opened small branch stores beside one another. It also has a gift shop and a small ramen shrine; talk about a ramen wonderland!

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Tokushima Ramen

A bowl of Tokushima ramen.
Tokushima ramen is also known as “Chuuka soba” or “Chinese noodles”. Image via Shutterstock

Tokushima ramen exploded in 1999 during an expo display in the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum. The broth can be brown, yellow, or white, depending on the base ingredients for every broth. Brown uses soy sauce, yellow uses chicken and vegetables, and white use light soy sauce for tonkotsu (pork broth). Most Tokushima ramen dishes feature a raw egg with spring onions and bean sprouts. 

Yokohama-style Ramen

If you’re a fan of ramen, you won’t want to miss the chance to try Yokohama-style ramen. It’s a unique twist on the classic noodle soup and is a must-try for any foodie visiting the area.

A bowl of Yokohama style ramen.
Yokohama ramen uses soy sauce. Image via Shutterstock

The dish uses thick noodles and a stock that’s a mix of creamy tonkotsu and soy sauce. A flavor familiar to those who love the Tokyo style of ramen. The toppings include chashu pork, chopped seaweed, leeks, and spinach. There are also optional toppings and condiments, such as minced garlic and black pepper, for the perfect spicy ramen!

Takayama Ramen

A bowl of Takayama ramen.
Takayama ramen uses chicken broth. Image via Shutterstock

Takayama Ramen is a regional dish from Gifu, Japan. The noodles are wavy, and the light soup is made with chicken broth, bonito, and dried small sardines. Some of the most common toppings are sweet green onions, thinly sliced roasted pork, and pickled bamboo shoots. Although it is typically light on toppings, Takayama ramen is still full of deep flavors, bursting with umami.

Why should I check out interesting noodles like abura soba?

To sum up, it’s incredible how versatile and tasty a simple noodle can be! Japanese noodle dishes are all incredibly delicious. From steaming hot and healthy bowls to brothless ramen, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Without a doubt, Japanese noodles offer a culinary journey filled with diverse flavors and delightful textures. Have you tried any of the Japanese noodle dishes? Do you have a favorite one? Let us know in the comments below!

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