August TokyoTreat Revealed!

03 September 2016 by Vanessa

Who doesn’t love the refreshing feeling of a tropical vacation?! August’s colorful and flavorful Japanese candies will capture the refreshing tastes of tropical fruits. With a variety of fruity and tangy flavors such as mango, grape, watermelon, cherry blossoms, plum and more!

Pokemon Plate Key Chain

Do you love Pokémon as much as we do? We’ve got just the thing for you! Clip these cool keychains on your backpack or keys and take Pokémon with you even when you're on the go.

Watermelon Salt Fanta

This Japan-exclusive new Fanta addition has been extremely anticipated! Not only because it has a refreshing watermelon flavor, but it also has a hint of salt which apparently helps prevent heat stroke!

Dodotto Tsubupyon Grape DIY Kit

Who says you can’t play with your food? This fun and popular DIY candy kit has everything you need to make your own gummy balls with a delicious grape soda foam dip! Here’s your chance to try something new and exciting with only a few simple steps!

Torotto Chocolate Mango Flavor

Enjoy two textures at once with these bite-sized baked chocolate cups filled with a shot of tropical mango cream. Crunchy on the outside and velvety on the inside - who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

Mugipon Milk Coffee Chocolate Flavor

Just like cereals, these milk coffee flavored chocolate wheat snacks can be enjoyed in two ways. Pop some in your mouth and enjoy the crunchy texture or soak them in a bowl of milk and enjoy them like you would with your favorite bowl of cereal.

Seven Stick Milk Chocolate Flavor

These wafer sticks are filled with rich milk creams. As mentioned in the name, these come in a pack of seven so share the wealth and enjoy them with your favorite people!

Watermelon Flavor Gummy

Everyone’s favorite summer fruit, now available as gummies. A bite of these mini-sized watermelon slices will remind you of biting into the real thing under the sweltering hot summer sun.

Hoppechan Gummy Cherryblossom Flavor

Popular with young females, Hoppechan, the famous character of San-houseki this time  comes in a gummy form. These cherryblossom flavored gummies will be a sure hit with both fans of Hoppechan and also of cherryblossom fans alike.

Pachi Pachi Panic Poppin Candy Grape Flavor

Like a party in your mouth  - these popping grape flavored candies will make you feel festive. These candies can be eaten on its own or used as toppings for ice cream and other sweets. How will you enjoy them?!

Jibanyan Chocolate Monaka

Monaks are popular snacks in Japan made of airy wafer like biscuit typically filled with

sweet red bean paste. This month’s box includes monaka shaped like the cute Jibanyan character filled with airy milk chocolate.

Watermelon Flavor Chewing Gum

Juicy watermelon flavored stick gum with little candies shaped like seeds to make you feel like you are eating the actual fruit!

Potato Chips Summer Version Wasabi Flavor

Just like the illustrated fireworks on the packaging, these summer version wasabi flavored chips pack a lot of punch in your mouth. Using new potatoes and creating the ridges in the chips add another dimension to these limited edition chips.

Pretz Honey Roast Flavor

One of Japan’s staple snacks, enjoyed by both the young and old - this time in a

warm honey flavor.

Chocobi Watermelon Flavor

Ever wondered what chocolate and watermelon taste together? Now you can try out Crayon-shin Chan’s favorite snack for yourself and see what the unusual combination of flavors taste like!

Rice Cracker With Plum Jam  

In Japan, rice crackers are enjoyed by all generations and come in all matters of flavors. In this month’s box, we’ve included rice crackers with sour plum spreads.

Rusk Snacks

Enjoy the traditional Western snack in a sugary and rich buttery flavor but in a cute Japanese package.

What was your favorite snack from this month's box? Let us know in the comments below!

Previous Comments (5)


07 September 2016 at 04:48 AM

I love those potatoes, had the right touch of wasabi *Q*

Mariana Marisol López Vázquez

07 September 2016 at 10:07 AM

I really love Chocobi Watermelon Flavor *u* ♥ I'm very sad when they were finished ;3;


07 September 2016 at 11:25 AM

Keep checking back to our TokyoTreat Shop, you'll never know when it might show up there! ^__^


07 September 2016 at 11:25 AM

We agree! We couldn't help but finish them all in one sitting! :9


19 February 2017 at 11:57 AM

Hey me love all your candy so mush big fans

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