Best 6 kawaii stores in Ikebukuro Sunshine City

17 August 2018 by Jojo

Do you love cute Japanese goodies? In this blog posts I want to introduce you to the best stores to find kawaii goodies in Tokyo! All these stores are located in Sunshine City, a huge department store located in Ikebukuro. Ikebukuro is a district famous for its arcade halls, anime and cosplay shops and theme cafes! Anyone who loves Japanese popular culture should visit Ikebukuro to go on a shopping spree and you can start with the following shops!

1. Moe Garden (Studio Ghibli store)

Check out Moe Garden! While other stores in Ikebukuro that sell anime goods like the famous Animate mostly focus on the newest popular anime, Moe Garden sells Studio Ghibli items. Studio Ghibli's film director Hayao Miyazaki has created several classics throughout the years which don't seem to lose their popularity. At Moe Garden you can buy goods from the classic anime movies Totoro, Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle and more! Their collection changes with seasonal items so you can always come back to find new limited items. Want to read more about Studio Ghibli stores? Check out this blog post!

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2. Disney Store

Disney is very popular in Japan, I dare to say maybe more popular than anywhere else in the world! Not only children but many grownups are obsessed with Disney as well and like to collect kawaii Disney goodies like phone accessories, stationary and of course plushies! There are several Disney store in Tokyo with the most famous one being the little castle located in Shinjuku. However don't miss out on the Disney store in Sunshine City! Every store offers a different collection of items and this store specifically caters to mature customers. You can find great gifts or get yourself yummy Japanese snacks. You can also purchase tickets for Tokyo Disneyland and Disney sea here which is a great way to save time if you plan on going!

4. Its' Demo

Its' Demo is a store selling Japanese makeup and beauty products. They're famous for doing collaborations with companies that produce cute character items such as Sanrio, Pokemon and Disney! Many of the items they sell are limited edition and therefore only available in the store for a short time.

5. Sanrio Vivitix store

Sanrio is still going strong in Japan! In Ikebukuro there are not 1 but even 2 stores selling the adorable character goods. Even though Hello Kitty has been popular for a long time in recent years she has made place for other characters such as the dreamy dog Cinnamoroll and the lazy egg Gudetama who even have their own pop-up cafes! In this store you can buy everything: from stationary to pajamas to bags, they have everything you need as a lover of kawaii items!

6. Pokemon Center

Pokemon is also still very popular in Japan, especially with tourists! There are several Pokemon Centers in Tokyo but the one in Ikebukuro Sunshine City is the largest by far! The store is also very spacious which makes shopping there comfortable. If you want to get Pokemon items for yourself or someone else, I recommend you to go to the Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro Sunshine City! Also don't forget

Have you ever been to the Sunshine City department store in Ikebukuro and what was your favorite store? Or what kawaii store would you like to visit? Let us know in the comments!

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