Celebrate Spring with These Sakura Snacks and Drinks!

16 March 2020 by Ana

Milk pudding sakura Frappuccino and latte released by Starbucks Japan in February

March has finally come, and here in Japan, we can already feel the breeze of Spring! Sakura have started to bloom beautifully in several regions, and it’s time for people to have hanami picnics with their loved ones. 

Typical to Japan - there seems to be no limit in the creativity of new seasonal menus. Fall, for example, has its own unique flavors. Spring, on the other hand, is typically the season when a lot of food and beverage companies release sakura-related products and menus. Today, we will tell you about five sakura-themed products that you need to try in order to celebrate spring. Are you excited yet? Let’s begin!

1. Sakura Taiyaki


Taiyaki can be cute, too - just like this Sakura Taiyaki!

Have you ever tried Taiyaki? Taiyaki is a fish-shaped cake made of pancake or waffle batter with azuki (red beans) paste as the filling. They’re usually light brown in color just like waffles, but this special sakura taiyaki has an adorable pink sakura color! Can you guess what filling does this sakura taiyaki has?

2. Sakura Mochi KitKats


Try these Sakura Mochi KitKats for a traditional taste of Japanese spring!

If you’re a KitKat gourmet, then these KitKats are a must-try for you! Sakura Mochi is a traditional springtime treat in Japan, and now you can have the experience of spending spring holiday in Japan with these KitKats. Want to try it? Subscribe to TokyoTreat before March 31st, 2020 23:59 Japan Standard Time to get these KitKats in your April box here

3. Lipton Sakura Tea Latte


Your hanami picnic won’t be complete without this Lipton Sakura Tea Latte

Good news for all tea and latte lovers! Lipton just released its new Sakura Tea Latte to celebrate the beauty of spring. This Sakura Tea Latte is a combination of black tea, rich milk, and a fragrant sakura flavor. You can grab it in the chilled drink section at Japanese supermarkets. It’s a perfect drink to bring to your hanami picnic!

4. Sakura Shitate Pocky


Sakura Shitate Pocky is the ultimate taste of Japanese spring.

Claiming themselves as the “Taste of Japan”, Pocky by Glico just released a new variant of pocky that portrays the most iconic flavor of Japan: Sakura Shitate Pocky! This new pocky consists of buttery pretzel sticks covered with sakura chocolate. The sticks are also dusted lightly with salt and granulated sugar to give them a preserved sakura flower-like taste. 

5. Starbucks Japan’s Spring Blend & Sakura Frappuccino


Brighten up your day with these spring blends from Starbucks Japan every morning!

The last (but not least, of course!) is the new menus from Starbucks Japan. As we know, Starbucks often releases specialty seasonal items - usually frappuccinos - all the time. This spring, they released a new lineup of Spring Blend coffee packs!  The pack consists of Spring Blend ground coffee, Spring Blend whole coffee beans, “Starbucks Origami” Personal Drip Coffee Bags, and a sakura-adorned reusable cup to complete the collection. It’s a cute and sustainable way to enjoy the start of your day with sakura! 


Cherry and cherry blossom frappuccino from Starbucks Japan - A match made in heaven! 

Starbucks Japan also released two new spring season frappuccinos: the Milk Pudding Sakura Frappuccino and latte and the Sakura Cherry Frappuccino. The Milk Pudding Sakura Frappuccino uses a new milk pudding base that is blended with actual cherry blossom extract and topped with sweet sakura & strawberry sauce; While the Sakura Cherry Frappuccino consists of sakura infused milk blended with a sweet cherry pulp along with the strawberry and sakura sauce for a sweet and sour spring flavor. It’s all topped off with sugar-coated "confetti" rice pieces. Sounds so tasty! 

There’s a crazy amount of sakura snacks and drinks to try this year! Are you feeling the sakura spirit yet? If you had to pick just one - which would you take home with you? Let us know in the comments below! 

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