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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogConvenience Store Food in Japan: Best Christmas Ever!

Convenience Store Food in Japan: Best Christmas Ever!

Karina IkedoKarina Ikedo
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December 21, 2022
A Japanese convenience store food Christmas cake.

Convenience store food in Japan during Christmas typically features family-sized cakes and packets of fried chicken rather than individual snacks. But for special holidays, convenience stores always offer a limited selection of Christmas sweets, snacks, and fast food!

Each chain has unique products, and Christmas is, without a doubt, the best occasion for them to stand out from the competition! Keep reading to find the best Christmas convenience store food from Japan!

Seven Eleven

Hors d’oeuvre

Why not bring a tasty food set if you want to host a big party on Christmas Day? This famous convenience store chain’s menu includes mayonnaise-flavored prawns, macaroni salad with tomato, and roasted pork with potato salad! They even have cured ham with vegetable sticks and smoked salmon with seasoned onions. This is definitely some sophisticated convenience store food!

A bowl of macaroni salad.
Macaroni is one of the many fares you can get at 7-11 during Christmas. Image via Shutterstock

Snowman and Santa dango

Find an adorable pair of mochi dango in the form of Santa and snowmen in Seven Eleven. The set tastes like any other store-bought traditional Japanese wagashi sweet, but they are adorable examples of convenience store food. 

A container of snowman and Santa Claus dango, an example of convenience store food for Christmas.
These dango are perfect for the Christmas season! Image via City Cost

The snowman is filled with vanilla whip and is creamy and chewy. Santa Claus has a strawberry milk whipped filling that is very light and tasty. Talk about the perfect duo to indulge in on Christmas Day!

Disney characters Christmas cakes

7-ELEVEN released three new cakes in collaboration with a wide range of  Disney characters! They are “Mickey Mouse Berry & Cheese,” “Winnie the Pooh Maple & Custard,” and “Piglet Strawberry & Chocolate.”

Many people might find these cakes just too adorable to eat! Nevertheless, each figure has its own flavor! Mickey is berry and cheese, Pooh is maple and custard, and Piglet is strawberry and chocolate.

The Mickey Mouse cake has a berry jelly glaze covering the delicate and delightful cake. Inside has a generous amount of cheesecake-flavored whipped cream with a cake in the center that is light and fluffy. Talk about eating a cloud!

Santa donuts

This donut features the face of Santa Claus with an adorable decoration! It has whipped cream on a soft, cloudy, and delightful dough! On the other hand, the “beard” has a white chocolate coating, and its eyes and nose are milk chocolate. It’s the perfect dessert to treat yourself during the holidays!

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Family Mart

Koi suru fure fure chicken

The most famous Japanese Christmas food is fried chicken, and Family Mart has plenty of it! They even have unique cinnamon and pepper seasoning that you can use on your chicken! Simply place the herb in a bag, shake it six items, and voila! You got yourself some delicious.

A plate of crispy fried chicken, a famous Christmas convenience store food in Japan.
Fried chicken is THE Christmas food in Japan. Image via Shutterstock

This chicken’s name, “Koi suru,” is Japanese for “fall in love.” Cinnamon symbolizes a promise of love. The number six is also the number that will increase your luck. So why not share this chicken with a special someone?

Famima party set

This party box is ideal for those who wish to enjoy deep-fried chicken, especially with friends. It contains a variety of chicken, including premium chicken, roasted chicken, and hash browns. You will love Christmas Day more because the chicken cup is also festively decorated.

Strawberry shortcake

Fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and sponge cake fill this individual cake. It’s a dish with plenty of vivid red fruits and pure white whipped cream that looks like fresh snow!

The golden sponge also has a vibrant appearance with a nice-textured sponge! It’s even mixed with a creamy and cooling whipped cream made using Hokkaido milk!

A plate of strawberry shortcake, which is a convenience store food for the Christmas time.
Strawberry shortcake is one of the most popular Christmas cakes ever! Image via Shutterstock

You can enjoy this simple and beautiful red and white decoration while it’s still in the container. However, transferring it to your favorite festive plate will look even better.

Powdered sugar and strawberries cut in half on top give them the appearance of having snow on top. When eaten, the flavor is delicate, sweet, and sour. The cream melts delicately in your mouth like snow when you eat it. Despite its rich texture, its taste isn’t overbearing, so you can eat a lot without feeling uncomfortable. 

The dough has a mild fruity accent from the strawberry sauce that doesn’t overpower the whipped cream’s delicate flavor. The whipped cream, which takes center stage, is complemented by the soft, fluffy sponge, which is mildly sweet and moist.

Matcha mont blanc

This Matcha Mont Blanc looks like an adorable Christmas tree. It consists of layers of madeleine dough with white chocolate whipped cream and Uji matcha cream.

It has a crispy, white chocolate star on top that is distinct from the light whipped cream. There’s a dried strawberry crunch for decoration and white candies that look like light bulbs. 

A plate of matcha mont blanc, which is a pastry which vermicelli-style matcha paste on top.
Matcha mont blanc is the perfect green pastry for the holiday season! Image via Shutterstock

When you scoop up the stars, you can distinguish the pure white chocolate whip from the green matcha whip. This is because the madeleine’s dough is rich and densely packed, and whipped cream pairs well with it. The sweetness is usually subtle, which makes it perfect to combine with a milk tea or café au lait.


Ougon chicken drumsticks

In Lawson, you can find individually wrapped “Ougon” chicken drumsticks that they market for Christmas. This is because people tend to cover their food separately in Japan, especially convenience store food.

A plate of glazed chicken drumsticks, a Christmas convenience store food.
These drumsticks are usually packaged individually. Image via Shutterstock

The drumsticks have a bread coating similar to KFC and Family Mart’s chicken, and the meat is delicious and succulent. However, where Lawson’s chicken lacks in seasoning, it more than makes up for its saltiness and spice.

Christmas bush donoel

Lawson sells cute Christmas Bush donoels! They are roll cakes with a filling of diced almonds, chocolate cream made with Belgian chocolate, and a moist and delicate cocoa sponge.

A plate of bush donoel cake (chocolate roll cake shaped like a log), sprinkled with powder.
Bush donoel cake looks like a log. Image via Entabe

The roll cake’s outside is covered in chocolate cream in the shape of a Christmas tree trunk. Powdered sugar toppings also give foods a snowy holiday appearance.

Godiva chocolate cake

With the holiday season only a few months away, Lawson [also has a collaboration with Godiva, the world-famous confectionery! Its chocolate cake is the star of the show, and for a good reason! 

It has a decadent chocolate gâteau base with stacked layers of crispy feuilletine, gooey chocolate ganache, and creamy chocolate mousse! All of them have a stunning chocolate mirror glaze on top! Not surprisingly, there is enough cake, which has a 13 cm diameter, for three to four people. Name a better cake to bring to Christmas dinner!

A decadent platter of dark chocolate cake.
Godiva has collaborated with Lawson to give the best Christmas cake of the year! Image via Shutterstock

While Christmas may not be a national holiday, there’s no lack of festive cheer in Japan around that time! Convenience stores in Japan make delicious and festive seasonal treats to be indulged at any time of the day!

Do you have a favorite local convenience store Christmas treat you want to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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