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NEW Fruits Basket anime coming in 2019!

Jojo MorscheJojo Morsche
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Posted on November 22, 2018
Fruits Basket, the once super popular manga & anime classic that true shojo manga fans remember with no doubt is back!

After waiting 17 years the anime Fruits Basket will receive a full anime adaption that will air on TV Tokyo next year. (For those who don't know Fruits Basket, it was even included in our top 5 shojo anime!)

The manga Fruits Basket was written by Natsuki Takaya and the most famous one that she has produced so far! She has even received a Kodansha manga award for the category shojo for her masterpiece. Even in the US Fruits Basket was one of the best selling shojo manga at the time!

"The story revolves around high school student Tohru Honda, who begins living alone in a tent after losing her mother. She ends up living with classmates Yuki and Kyo Sohma, working as their housekeep. She soon discovers that the family has been bound by a Zodiac-related curse for centuries." source

Main character Tohru Honda with Yuki and Kyo Sohma

The first and original Fruits Basket series existed of 26-episodes was released in 2001 in Japanese and in 2002-2003 in English. Even though the manga was completed, the anime never covered the full story nor introduced important characters like the Horse or Rooster.

Even though details are still vague, some of the all-new voice cast and staff have already been announced. For the new 2019 Fruits Basket, the original writer Natsuki Takaya will work together with director Yoshihide Ibata, who is also known for directing Attack on Titan. The Screenwriter will be Taku Kishimoto and character designer Masaru Shindo (also known for Lupin III and Detective Conan).

In terms of the cast, the role of protagonist Tohru goes to relative newcomer Manaka Iwami (Urahara, Gamers!), Yuki Sohma toNobunaga Shimazaki (Free!, Your Name), Kyo Sohma toYuma Uchida (Tokyo Ghoul:re, Yowamushi Pedal),and Shigure Sohma toYuichi Nakamura (Clannad, Mobile Suit Gundam 00).

The new anime should cover the whole original story and will therefore have a darker overall tone to the story and a few unexpected twists to certain characters. If you want to stay up to date with the news about the new Fruits Basket adaption don't forget to regularly check the official website and twitter! Are you as excited as we are?


Who remembers Fruit Basket? Did you used to watch it back in 2001? Let us know in the comments below!

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