TokyoTreat | March 2020 Theme - Happy Girls Day!

31 January 2020 by Oliver

Happy Girls Day - Japan’s Cutest Festival! 

Did you know Japan had a Girls Day? Every March 3rd, Girls Day is celebrated by girls and families all across Japan. But how did it start, why does it happen and why all the dolls? Grab a snack and let’s dive in!


In traditional Japanese culture, March 3rd (3/3) is considered to be a day that will bring good luck because of the repeating odd numbers. The tradition on this day was to create paper dolls that were not only played with by children, but that were also used in purification rituals.

Over time, this festival became a day to pray for the health and well being of girls, and the dolls became ever more intricate and precious. The dolls resemble the royal court and wear Heian (11th century) Era clothing. They sit on a hinadan, a tiered platform, and at the top sit a Odairisama (emperor) and Ohinasama (empress).


You can see beautiful displays using these dolls in department stores and hotels, like the Keio Plaza! And for true fans of Girls Day, head to Kyoto between 3/1 and 3/3 to see lots of Girls Day celebrations, like the doll display at Hokyoji Temple (also known as the Doll's Temple) or to Shimogamo-Jinja to see a ceremony with paper dolls floating down the river!


Most families with daughters own their own dolls however.These dolls are often considered very precious, and a big part of the festival is storing, unpacking and arranging the dolls with care and love. Now, families often opt to just have the top layer as they can be tricky to store. Children often have parties around this time, enjoying lots of sweet and savory treats!

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