Halloween Dishes are Coming To The Pokemon Cafe!

04 September 2019 by Selly

Pokemon fans, gather up! Don’t miss out the newest yet craziest Halloween dishes from Pokemon Cafe starting from September 7th to October 31st. Do you want to try it? We can't wait to take a bite either!

Since the opening of the Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo, people have been curious about the cafe and their Pokemon themed dishes, especially when they released the Detective Pikachu menu not so long ago to celebrate their first ever live-action Pokemon film. Now the Halloween season is less than 2 months away, Pokemon Cafe is gearing up for new dishes which will be served for a limited time for the spooky season. Here is the line-up for their Halloween dishes!

1. Halloween Pikachu Plate (JPY 1,706)

The Pikachu Plate menu has gone through a make-over. This popular dish will be coming with an adorable little witch hat, making our Pikachu look like a Poke-witch! Besides the little hat, this dish also comes with hamburg, spaghetti, pumpkin salad, and omelette rice. You can order this Halloween plate for take-away, but there’s an additional charge of JPY 1,188.

2. Forest Pesto Pasta (JPY 1,706)

If you’re looking for some healthy dish and especially if you're a Celebi fan, you can try this Forest Pesto Pasta which features Celebi. Right when the dish is served to your table, you can see the lovely Celebi snuggled in a bowl of tasty pesto bow-tie farfalle. Moreover, the pesto bowl is all surrounded by a forest of lush green salad. You can even see carrot slices which look like tiny pumpkins. How adorable is this dish?

3. Zorua’s Halloween Roast Beef Burger (JPY 1,706)

Looking for something meaty? Why not try this heavenly meat served with toasty black buns that made to look like Generation V Zorua! This burger also comes with waffle fries as the side dish and a bowl of the delicious minestrone soup. For those who don’t know, Minestrone soup is a healthy (and hearty) soup that is made with vegetables. Feeling hungry now?

It that isn't enough, for each drink you order at the Pokemon Cafe, you will receive one free random coaster. The coaster has 6 designs in total which can be seen in the picture below. However, the mysterious sixth design has to be found out by yourself!

What’s more, during this period each customer will receive a free Halloween Special Lunch Mat. You can also choose to receive a Halloween 2019 coaster or a random new coaster design whenever you order a beverage at the Pokemon Cafe. Note that the stock is limited so be sure to get it while the stocks last!

Looks like this Halloweens special dishes from the Pokemon Cafe will be as exciting as ever for Pokemon fans. We highly recommend you to visit the Pokemon Cafe since the Halloween dishes and their limited merchandises are only available until October 31st. Hurry up and go catch some Poke-dish!

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