TokyoTreat | June 2020 Theme - Happy Birthday TokyoTreat!

01 May 2020 by Oliver

Happy Birthday TokyoTreat! 

It’s TokyoTreat’s 5th Birthday! That’s got us thinking about birthdays in Japan. When we talk about birthdays and birthday parties, many people imagine celebrating it with their close friends and family, other people think of big parties, while everyone thinks of cake! But birthdays are celebrated a little differently in Japan! 

In the past, Japanese people didn’t really celebrate individual birthdays. Instead, people considered their age to increase with the new year on 1/1. But when American culture became more popular in the 1950’s, people began to celebrate their own birthday!


For children, parents plan small parties for their children and their friends with plenty of snacks at their homes! As adults, people often go to restaurants for small parties organised by close friends (obviously the birthday person doesn’t pay). Japanese apartments are small and have thin walls, making big home parties hard without annoying the neighbors. But couples like to plan quiet birthday dates at home. And of course, everyone gets presents! 


Probably the most iconic part of a Japanese birthday is the classic cake! This super popular cake is the image of a Japanese birthday. A thick Victoria sponge, with a fresh strawberry cream filling, coated in fresh whipped cream and topped with strawberries and a chocolate message plate. A must for any Japanese birthday party!

Now you know about Japanese birthday parties? Make sure to eat lots of tasty TokyoTreat snacks if you do!

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