Ranking the 30 weirdest and most delicious Japanese Kit Kat

29 January 2019 by Paolo

"Here at Tokyo Treat we've tasted things you people wouldn't believe".

One of the evergreen snacks, present in almost all of our boxes, is Kit Kat. We love it. But sometimes there are some flavors too extreme or weird even for the most open minded snack eater. Let's go find out our Tokyo Treat Kit Kat ranking (with votes, based on taste and originality)!

30. Dango 4.5 (worst of the list, you should try it as an experience. Got some points for being a unique flavor)

29. Umeshu 4.6 (Japanese ume fruits in alcohol, give it a shot!)

28. Wasabi 5.0 (some loved it tho...)

27. Edamame 5.1 (nah)

26. Soy sauce 5.2 (only on sushi please...)

25. Cough Drop 6.0 (add 3 votes if you are sick)

24. Miso Soup 6.1 ( positive votes for its uniqueness)

23. Sake 6.4 (Japanese rice wine flavor. When you feel like a Samurai)

22. Strawberry Ice Cream 6.6 ( strawberry is always one of the favorite, but maybe too sweet)

20. Original Kit Kat 6.8 (the original tastes delicious, but lacks of personality)

19. Amazake 6.9 (fermented rice, not one if the best flavor, but definitely it worths to be tried)

18. Dark Chocolate 7.0 (it taste good, it's a good alternative to the original Kit Kat)

17. Cappuccino 7.3 ( really really good, but it doesn't taste like cappuccino)

16. Tokyo banana 7.4 (not your typical banana Kit Kat)

15. Creme Brulee 7.5 (for sophisticated Kit Kat eater)

14. Melon 7.6 (super refreshing!)

13. Pear 7.8 (fruity and sweet!)

12. Yuzu 8.0 (we all love yuzu!)

11. Banana 8.2 (lot of banana versions, the plan one was one of the best tho)

10. Rum Raisin 8.3 (a great Kit Kat combo!)

9. Raspberry 8.6 ( this one was AMAZING!)

8. Caramel Pudding 8.7 (this was addictive!)

7. Houjicha 8.8 (somehow, it tastes like old Japan)

6. Apple 8.9 (surprisingly goooood!)

5. Bitter Strawberry 9.0 (perfect combination of sweetness and bitterness)

4. Sakura Matcha 9.5 (a Japanese classic!)

3. Cranberry & Almond 9.7 (luxury vibes, really rich taste)

2. Strawberry Cheesecake 9.8 ( original and delicious, a must for all the kit kat lovers)

1. Strawberry Tiramisu 9.9 (simply, the best we have ever tried. The Tina Turner of Kit Kat)

You can get the craziest and tastiest Kit Kat here! Let us know what's YOUR favorite!

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