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31 July 2020 by Oliver

The History of Sushi - The Japanese Fast Food That Stood The Test Of Time!

We love sushi! It’s a Japanese fast food that is craved worldwide! But it has a surprisingly long history. Where does it come from and how exactly did it take off? Grab your soy sauce and wasabi - It’s time for a deep dive into the History of Sushi!

Where did sushi come from?


The original origin of sushi isn’t actually in Japan! You can find it in China in the second century A.D., where it was actually considered as a method of preserving fish. Fish was wrapped in rice, which caused the fish to ferment. This allowed the fish to be eaten at a later time. But the rice was then thrown away…

This became a popular method of preserving fish, and it spread all around Asia, including to Japan - known for it’s love of seafood! However they started to eat the rice too!

In the 1600’s Matsumoto Yoshiichi - living in old Tokyo (Edo) - started to season the rice with rice wine vinegar. This meant that the dish that normally took months to make could be made and served immediately! And so the sushi rice we know today was born!


But sushi really began to take off in the 1800’s when Tokyoite Hanaya Yohei first placed the fish on top of the rice instead of wrapping in, and marketed it as the ultimate Japanese fast food. It was sold on street stalls and became the perfect food when you’re on the go! Today we call it nigiri sushi and it is one of the most common types of sushi!

This quickly became a popular snack and gradually moved away from street stalls and into restaurants once hygiene standards improved after World War Two. And in restaurants it blossomed from being fast food to a dining experience that became popular worldwide!


Eventually different types of sushi began to appear, inspired by western flavors, and new and fun ways to eat it like conveyor belt restaurants began to appear! We wonder how it will continue to evolve in the future! 


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