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Hotels in Japanese Hot Spots: Most Unique Five!

Karina IkedoKarina Ikedo
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June 30, 2023
One of many traditional hotels in Japanese hotspots.

People usually choose hotels in Japanese locations that are convenient and near sightseeing spots. But there have been more and more hotels that promise a lot of fun for simply staying in them. Welcome to Japan, where you can bed among books, robots complete the check-in process, and Godzilla looms large.

You know the most excellent hotels in Japanese locations will be in a country like Japan! We’re talking epic hotel themes that are an experience in itself! Let’s go through the five best unique hotels in Japanese hotspots that will make your trip to Japan even more unforgettable!

Hotel Gracery Tokyo 

As one of the most iconic Japanese characters, you can’t expect there to be a Godzilla-themed hotel. The Hotel Gracery comes complete with a Godzilla statue on the roof and a giant Godzilla head in the lobby. You can access the rooftop for the Godzilla show, which occurs once an hour. This location is where Godzilla will give up an ear-splitting scream and blow fire out of his mouth.

The Godzilla statue in Kabukicho, near Hotel Gracery Tokyo.
Don’t worry; Godzilla won’t eat at the hotel. Image via Shutterstock

The rooms are modest, except for one decked out in Godzilla paraphernalia. Once you step into the room, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into the Godzilla world. The room is interactive and furnished with Godzilla posters and decor in more ways than you can imagine. You’re even provided with themed treats to commemorate your stay. So it’s not surprising that this room books out well in advance. 

A double room at the Hotel Gracery Tokyo, featuring one of Godzilla's hands.
He does have a hand in your room, though. Image via Agoda

Also, consider a Godzilla-view room where you can see the giant’s head through the room window. Even if you don’t get your hands on a Godzilla room, there’s a lot of Godzilla memorabilia around the hotel. With film posters and an interactive themed room dotted around the hotel, you get your Godzilla to fill in other ways.

Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji

On July 14, 2023, the Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji will open new Sanrio Character’s themed rooms. The Sanrio characters are some of Japan’s most beloved cartoon characters, and Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji celebrates them significantly!

It houses charming Sanrio-themed rooms featuring popular characters like Sanrio Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Kuromi. With four theme rooms, there are two rooms in each theme. The rooms include a space slightly higher than the floor, one of the traditional Japanese architectural styles.

A Hello Kitty room at the former Keio Plaza Tama Hotel.
Have you ever wanted to stay in a Sanrio room? Image via Moshi Moshi Nippon

Enter the world of My Melody and Kuromi in the first room in Japan to feature both characters! You’ll be surrounded by so much charm that you’ll want to take pictures in every corner of the room. Enjoy your time with Kuromi and My Melody, and make beautiful memories in this magical space.

Two new characters are exclusively designed for Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji, New Princess Kitty, and Princess Kitty. The walls are decorated with a sparkly display of colorful jewels, creating an out-of-this-world atmosphere.

Also, take the chance to capture a memorable moment with these adorable characters. Come and strike a pose at their exclusive photo spot! This enchanting setup on the second floor features Hello Kitty and the charming Little Twin Stars riding a unicorn.

A Hello Kitty room at the former Keio Plaza Tama Hotel.
Hello, Kitty is one of the most iconic characters with a room! Image via

If you plan on staying at this hotel, get ready to discover delicious dishes inspired by the beloved Sanrio characters. Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji is set to pair Hello Kitty with food at their themed lunch buffet.

The buffet includes a variety of tasty treats, including Hello Kitty imprinted inari sushi and fruit sandwiches, tarts, cakes, and more. Inspiration for the offered foods is also drawn from other Sanrio favorites like Kuromi and My Melody.

Book and Bed

If you think b’n’b means bed and breakfast, it’s time to reassess your options. This Tokyo hotel has invented the first book and bed mode of accommodation. For book lovers, Book and Bed is the place to stay. As its name suggests, it’s a hotel where you can book a bed amongst thousands of novels. 

If you ever wondered what it feels like to sleep in a bookshop, this is your chance! Your bed is on a bookshelf, a cross between a capsule hotel and a library. The concept is fantastic and is also one of the cheaper options.

Bed and Book a bookstore hotel in Shinjuku.
Have you ever wanted to stay in a bookshop? Image via

Think of it as sleeping in a library, but a very aesthetic, dimly lit, romantic-vibes library. You can relax in the simplest of ways with a good book in your hand. There are over 3,600 books at this hotel, so you’re never short of something to read. There’s also a fantastic book swap scheme if you want to change a book or two. This means you can reduce the number of books you must bring in the suitcase.

It’s also a great way to meet other travelers and a great place to swap stories. Spending the night inside this fascinating bookshelf is undoubtedly something you won’t forget in a hurry! This is one of the most excellent hotels in a Japanese location you’ll ever find!

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Henn Na Hotel

Japan is a place that’s at the cutting edge of robotics. Any way they can automate something, they’ll do it. Well, they’ve taken that to the next level by opening the world’s first hotel chain staffed by robots. A claim recognized by Guinness World Records! Want to be tended by dinosaurs at the front desk of a hotel? Look no further! 

A dinosaur robot at the Henn Na Hotel, one hotel in Japanese hotspots.
This dino is happy to show you to your room! Image via Shutterstock

The first thing you will notice is that the multilingual robots will greet you and check you in! They even robotically deliver luggage to your rooms courtesy of an automated trolley. Each room has its robot, Churi, who will help you with whatever you need. Your room comes with the cutting-edge LG Styler, a steam wardrobe that will help freshen your clothes.

Another fun feature of the hotel is facial recognition. Guests no longer need to worry about forgetting their keys, thanks to keyless locking and entry. In case you encounter problems, there is always human staff on hand. 

Also, the Nishikasai branch of this hotel boasts excellent access to Tokyo Disneyland, with a free shuttle running every day. So, even if you get exhausted from all the fun, you can still return to the hotel quickly.

Hokkaido’s Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotel is in The Hoshino Tomamu Resort of Hokkaido and is no ordinary hotel! If you love cold climates, this could be the accommodation for you. The only catch? It only opens in winter, so you must plan for next year. 

Two women sitting at the Hokkaido Ice Hotel, one of the hotels in Japanese hotspots.
You’ll definitely want to bundle up before you stay here! Image via Time Out

There are eight ice domes, designed like giant igloos, and an outdoor ice bath for the super brave. Guests receive a shruff (sleeping bag) to keep cozy at night and a bowl of soup for breakfast. One of the highlights is the hot spring Arctic Bath, where guests can relax while gazing at the stars. Why not spend the night at this unusual hotel for a truly unique stay? 

But staying here is by no means a remote experience. The hotel is part of a larger winter world, the ice village. Visitors can partake in fun activities here, such as making ice cream parfait and ice skating. The village also includes buildings like an ice convenience store and even an ice chapel that holds marriage ceremonies! 

A bar at the Hokkaido Ice Hotel.
No need for extra ice at this bar! Image via Time Out

As you can see, many unique and unusual hotels exist in Japan. From ultra-modern to quirky, Japan has a wide variety of hotels. While some hotels only have a few themed rooms, most have stepped up.

They transformed their entire hotel to offer something unique. Ditch the ordinary hotel, and upgrade to these quirky and unique themed stays for the trip of a lifetime! Were you aware of many unique and excellent hotels in Japanese hotspots? Would you stay in any of these? Let us know in the comments below!

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