Craving some different snacks? This insect vending machine is what you are looking for!

19 January 2019 by Chris

Japan always has a lot of different foods and snacks to offer, so obviously people always try to create something new or simply re-adapt some old ideas to make them resurface again.

Last November Toshiyuki Tomoda, a small shop owner in Kumamoto, decided to install a snack insect vending machine outside of his shop. Little did he know that he would sell over 500 packages of insects in a month!

Eating insects is very common for some areas of the world, but not everyone is familiar with them and it usually takes some nerve to get over the initial reluctance of biting into some crawling animals.

From salted grilled crickets to chocolate-coated beetles, Tomoda was curious about the appeal such edible insects would have, also taking into consideration any possible food crisis, and ended up encountering a huge success, generating more than $4,500 in a single month.

People have obviously responded in a positive way to this new kind of snack in their area. Would you try any of these out if you had the chance?

Photo credits: Twitter /@katuragikodou

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