Is chocolate sushi the next Japanese Valentine's snack?

27 January 2019 by Chris

Everyone, no matter they have a deep interest in Japan or not, knows about sushi, which comes to no surprise thanks to the great popularity this traditional dish has reached overseas. Then, some people may also know about wagyu beef and Kobe beef, both very prized thanks to their taste and textures that come from the amazing treatment the animal receive -mainly by giving beer to the cattle and massaging them.

That's where the famous sushi chain Kura Sushi thought that this treatment should be exclusive to the cattle, so fish could have a tasty treat of their own as well.

Starting this month, the mature yellow tail that is common of every sushi restaurant menu will have an upgrade at Kura Sushi: the fish will be eating chocolate before being served to the customers.

The yellow tail - or buri in Japanese - will come from a farm on the island of Shikoku, where the feed they are given contains chocolate. And just in case you wonder, this is not a normal chocolate that is given to them but a very particular one developed by the Ehime Research Institute or Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Even though the chocolate may not make a huge variation in the taste of the fish, it is said to improve the fish' colors, making it more appealing to the customers...

This chocolate-buri will be sold during the period from February 1st to 14th for the price of 100 yen per piece, so make sure to try it out and see if it's worth it!

Sources: @press

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