Japanese Chocolates: The Most Famous Options You Need To Try!

22 June 2021 by Paulomi

Japanese Chocolates aren’t just limited to your standard milk chocolate or dark chocolate. You’ll also find tons of unique products that are exclusive to Japan, like Ruby Chocolate Kit Kats!

When looking for souvenirs in Japan, the one thing which you will find in abundance and unique is Chocolate. Whether it is a 7-11 outlet or any other convenient stores, Super Markets, or discount stores like Daiso/Don Quijote you will find shelves after shelves of differently flavored chocolates. It can be sweet, savory, bitter, or a harmonious mixture of each.

One of the primary reasons chocolate went from the niche to mainstream was when American soldiers. Who started distributing chocolates as candies to the children when they were stationed in Japan after WW-II. When Japan opened its market to the West, chocolate did not just maintain its popularity, it skyrocketed as one of the primary sweet confectioneries in Japan. It was the cultural exchange when people from Japan started traveling to Europe and the US to learn culinary arts, that chocolate got to the point where it is now. The knowledge which the Japanese chefs brought with them changed the chocolate landscape.

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While the international chocolatiers first came in the 1970s with Godiva entering the market. It was in the 2000s when a lot of European companies started looking at Japan’s chocolate set up, and its booming market.

When you think about Kit-Kat, the first thing that comes to your mind are the wafers wrapped with milk chocolate and that’s it. You may have never imagined Kitkat flavours that are available in Japan. From Matcha, Soy Sauce to Passion Fruit flavored Kit-Kat japan offers you a wide variety of flavours. However, they are the most popular ones in Japan.

Matcha Japanese Kit Kats

Among the many unique chocolates available in Japan, Matcha may probably be the most common and the most popular of them. Matcha is a form of green tea that has been dried and powdered. Matcha Kit Kats are wafers covered with matcha flavoured chocolate instead of the regular milk chocolate cover. Combining the sweetness of chocolate with the bitterness of the Green Tea makes the flavor very different. The taste may take some time to adjust to a few people initially but is very savory.

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Lotte Vessel in The Fog Chocolate

This chocolate has a weird name. The chocolate was originally released in the 1980s. The bar is in the same sort of thin cardboard box that Ghana bars are sold in and the bar is wrapped in foil. It smells like sweet milky chocolate. The bar is marginally sectioned. The indentations are so shallow on the relatively thick bar that it's pretty much impossible to break it along the lines. It has a little bittersweet milk chocolate and has a hint of coffee, but doesn't have as strong a lingering aftertaste.

Meiji Chocolate: Apple, Honey and Cinnamon Milk Chocolate

These unique chocolate candies by Meiji are basically dried and chewy pieces of apple, drenched in honey and cinnamon, and wrapped in milk chocolate.

Meiji Chocolate: Maple Cream Torotto

These baked chocolates come in individual square pieces. The outside has an amazing crispy texture. The chocolate squares are evenly baked with a sweet thick cream filling. These are limited edition chocolates.

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Meiji Chocolate: Apollo Strawberry

These tine cone-shaped chocolate candies from Meiji are made of a thick layer of milk chocolate and topped with an even sweeter strawberry-flavored white chocolate. They melt easily in your mouth and have a creamy texture. These chocolates are hardly foundly in other countries.

Koala no March

It comes as a bite sized cookie which has chocolate cream filling inside. The koala-shaped cookies have various koala prints with various themes and expressions. You can buy ‘Koala no March’ in various flavours besides the original chocolate flavour.

Royce Nama Chocolate

Royce’s raw chocolate or Nama Chocolate in Japanese has been very popular among the people in Japan. Royce is a confectionery brand in Hokkaido & Hokkaido is well known for its dairy products. Royce’s Nama Chocolate contains a high amount of fresh cream that makes the chocolate soft, melty and smooth. Although the chocolate is pretty rich, it tastes delicate and fine. This chocolate is also available in several flavours.   

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