Japanese Kit Kat competition worldwide: What flavor won?!

09 November 2018 by Jojo

Some of you might have heard of, or even voted for your favorite Kit Kat flavor for the worldwide 'New Flavour World Summit Campaign' which was announced in April by Nestle Japan in order to celebrate the 45th year anniversary of Japanese operations. Kit Kat is known for their crazy, interesting and delicious flavors which are often exclusively sold in Japan. For this contest however, people from all over the world could vote for their favorite flavor. There were quite some crazy ideas like breast milk or cough drop but also delicious ones like Dutch stroopwafel, Indonesian Pandan, Hokey Pokey, Hon Kong Egg Waffles and more!

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In the end half a million people cast their vote and the winning flavor was: Strawberry Tiramisu!

The majority of votes for this flavor came from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia and the UK. The new Strawberry Tiramisu flavor is said to be a perfect mix of sweet and bitter, it includes mascarpone, coffee and cocoa cream and strawberry pulp pieces to add a touch of fruitiness to the tiramisu flavor. The chocolate itself will be white chocolate which goes perfectly with the creamy coffee flavors!

For only 500 yen or $4.40 you can get a whole box of 11 chocolates to share or if you wanna try a few you might as well get a box of three for only 120 yen or $1! You might have noticed the interesting packaging design of these Kit Kat which were designed by multi-talent Noritake Kinashi: a Japanese comedian, actor, signer and artist!

Kinashi has recently been working on his art in order to exhibit his work in 15 location the upcoming 2 years. It was the first time for him to do packaging design and his theme for Kit Kat revolved around connection between people. You might notice that these Kit Kat feature different cute and slightly silly illustrations!

"I'm also 45 years old!"

"Congratulations with your 45th birthday" "Let's go on for another 45 years"

"Pour the coffee!" "Pour the tea!"

"Let's go buy chocolate" "Is it teramisu or tiramisu?"

Sadly, even though the competition was worldwide, the Strawberry Tiramisu Kit Kat will only be for sale in Japan the time being and will be available from November 19th. However that's where your favorite Japanese candy box TokyoTreat and online shop Japanhaul come in to help you obtain the best Japanese snacks and candy ! Stay tuned for updates on this delicious Kit Kat flavor!

Are you excited for the Strawberry Tiramisu Kit Kat or did you set your hopes on a different flavor? Let us know in the comments below!

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