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Two characters in a horror anime.
Two characters in a horror anime.

Best Five Horror Anime You Should Watch this Fall!

Marie MooreMarie Moore
Published Time
Posted on October 17, 2018

Here at TokyoTreat, Halloween is our favorite time of the year! But it’s not all about Japanese candy and snacks, right? The best thing to do at Halloween besides eating and dressing up is watching and reading many scary things! Last week we told you our five favorite Japanese horror movies, so this week, we will show you our five favorite horror anime!

Junji Ito Collection

If you’re a fan of horror manga, then you’re probably already familiar with Junji Ito’s work. He is renowned for his horror manga, so, surprisingly, it’s taken this long for his work to be adapted into anime form, but earlier this year, it finally aired!

The ballet puppet story from the Junji Ito collection.
Junji Ito is a legendary horror manga artist! Image via Coub

A collection of Junji’s shorter stories, each episode is split into two short stories (that’s 24 spooky tales in total!), and each story is different in what makes it terrifying, be it psychological horror or body horror, there’s something for everyone! Two OVAs were also released, which adapt one of Ito’s most popular manga, the story of Tomie, a hellish girl who can’t die. A definite watch for those who want to be creeped out!

Ghost Hunt

Two characters from "Ghost Hunt".
Ghost Hunt is about discovering paranormal activity. Image via YouTube

Ghost Hunt is adapted from a light novel series that became a manga in 1994! The anime was aired in 2006, so it is over 12 years old now! It’s about a high school student named Mai who ends up helping out a Paranormal Investigation Team with her latent psychic abilities. The episodes vary on fright level, but episodes 18 to 21 are terrifying! It also has some romance for those shojo fans.

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Yami Shibai

A shot of a terrified girl from "Yami Shibai", a horror anime.
Yami Shibai is a collection of horror Japanese folklore. Image via Anime Sweet

If you’re a fan of shorter stories and enjoy myths and urban legends, then Yami Shibai is perfect for you! Yami Shibai episodes are only a few minutes long and are in a short story format. Each episode will retell various myths and urban legends of Japanese origin, each and everyone being terrifying too! If you want a quick fix of some horror while you’re on a break, then this is perfect for you!


If you’re a fan of any of Stephen King’s work then we recommend this anime! Shiki is about a secluded village in the Japanese mountains that suddenly becomes plagued with death and mysterious incidents after a strange foreign family moves into the town.

The title card for "Shiki", a horror anime.
“Shiki” has its fair share of demon girls! Image via Plex

The series follows a group of kids and a doctor as they try to get to the bottom of the occurrences and save their town, tragic and suspenseful, it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing what comes next. Unlike modern-day vampire stories, the monsters in Shiki are truly creepy!

Jigoku Shojo

Ever wanted to take revenge on somebody who’d wronged you? Jigoku Shojo is a service straight from hell that allows users to send the person whose name they enter onto the site straight to hell. However, in doing so, they also form a contract that means their spirit goes there once they die.

A girl from "Jigoku Shojo".
This show is about dark, eternal promises. Image via Wallpaper Flare

The “Hell Girl”–better known as Enma Ai–and her servants will torment the antagonist whose name has been entered on the site before ferrying them off to hell. Each episode is a short story, but the episodes tie together with a longer story throughout the series. It’s also interesting for those who enjoy Japanese folklore!

Why should I watch horror anime for Halloween?

Watching horror anime for Halloween can be a thrilling and unique experience. Horror anime can offer a diverse range of spooky and terrifying stories, from psychological horror to supernatural creatures. The unique art styles and storytelling in anime can provide a fresh and immersive experience for horror enthusiasts., What did you think of these horror anime series? Have you seen any of them before? Let us know in the comments!

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