Japanese Snacks Are Getting' Catty! Check Out These Kawaii Snacks!

10 September 2017 by Nic

We are absolutely delighted when we are lucky enough to come across new cute Japanese snacks! Today, we did just that! So, are you wondering what exactly we found? Well, let me show you these cute and catty baked Japanese snacks!

So, can you see why we think these are so cute! They are little cat feed shaped baked snacks! They even have the little smooshy pads!  We had no idea that these existed, but now we realize how much we needed these in our lives!

Here, you can see multiple flavors: soy, pumpkin, and cocoa! So, not only are they cute, but they have many interesting flavors as well! On top of that, there are also various patterns which make each snack unique as well!

These snacks make great subjects for pictures as well. Many people who buy these snacks use them to take beautiful photos for social media! We find how artistic this photo is just amazing!

Some people also got extra creative and took some hilarious shots like the one above. The person who took this shot really thought outside the box here! Mixing the various textures of food and cloth makes this really fun to look at (and the expression makes us laugh so much too)!

Have you ever considered making baked goods like these before? Would you try the soy, pumpkin, or cocoa flavor? Let us know in the comments below!


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12 September 2017 at 03:51 PM

I would try the cocoa flavour because I ❤ chocolate!

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