Japanese Snacks That Are Beyond Delicious!

10 April 2018 by Nic

We here at TokyoTreat are passionate about Japanese candy and Japanese snacks! We are always excited when new Japanese cafes open up or when we stumble across kawaii Japanese candies! One of our favorite snack companies, Calbee, has a delicious line of snacks called Jagariko. We want to introduce a few of the flavor varieties that are part of this fun snack line! Check them out below!

This fun flavor is a smoked cheese taste! This elegant snack is the perfect pairing for a nice grape Japanese candy. Many of our TokyoTreat family members love cheese flavored goodies, so maybe one day we could sneak one of these into your Japanese snack box!

While we can't ship gyoza in our Japanese candy box, perhaps we could try with this gyoza flavored Jagariko! This flavor has a nice mix of meatiness, gyoza veggies, and crisp potato. Out of all Japanese snacks, this is definitely one of our top choices!

A sweet potato potato Japanese snack?! While our treat box often has many potato flavored snacks, this is quite different from other snacks that have found their way into our Japanese snack box. This is a sweet potato flavored snack that is both savory and slightly sweet, all topped with the usual saltiness that Jagariko is well-known for!

One of the last flavors we want to introduce is this fish flake and seaweed flavor. While this may not sound the most appetizing, this is actually one of favorite snacks to chow down on while we are hard at work prepping your next Japanese candy box. It has a slightly fishy taste, but is more similar to something like a bowl of miso soup.

So, if you weren't interested in Jagariko before, what about now? There are so many more flavors from this line, like honey butter, triple cheese, and ven garlic steak! How fun would it be to try them all!?

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