Japanese Snacks That Are For Everyone - Introducing Share Packs!

16 November 2017 by Nic

It's time to share the snack love! With the introduction of our new upgraded snack boxes, the Premium and the Classic boxes, we will also be including Share Packs in all boxes! Our mission at TokyoTreat is to help everyone try and enjoy Japanese candy and snacks, so providing snacks that can be easily shared among friends, family, and coworkers fits that bill perfectly!

A Share Pack is a snack that is usually 3~4 individually wrapped snacks that are connected together. You can rip them apart and eat one a time, or just eat them all in one go! To help give everyone a better idea of what exactly a Share Pack is, check out some of the examples below!

Originally one long chain of individually wrapped snacks, the above is a Share Pack that contains four servings of delicious Caramel Corn! This is a fan favorite, so being able to provide 4 servings of the tasty snack is a great way to extend your snacking experience!

The Share Pack here contains the popular Kinoko No Yama Chocolate Mushroom-Shaped Biscuits! However, what is great about Share Packs is that they often provide a wide variety of flavors, so this Share Pack has both chocolate and strawberry flavors! Great for snacking with others who have a different taste preference!

Share Packs often have cute characters on them, like these Sumikko Gurashi snacks above! Share Packs often feature kawaii characters, which is perfect for people who love to collect little fun parts of Japanese culture!

Variety ups the flavor game, and Share Packs help give us the ability to help your flavor game soar! Many Share Packs come with up tons of flavors. This makes a fun experience no matter whether you want to try tons of flavors on your own, or you want to try a little bit of each with a group of those close to you!

Well, we hope you are pumped up for these new Share Packs! You can definitely expect more flavors, more snacks, and more fun! Tell us in the comments below which of the Japanese snacks above you like the most!

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