Japanese Snacks That Are Wildly Cute!

30 October 2017 by Nic

Themed Japanese snacks are pretty common here in Japan. For example, handmade anime snacks or even completely blue snacks! Of course, a popular theme is animals! So, we weren't that surprised when we came across these snacks. However, what really impressed us was how cute, simple, and well designed they were! I mean, usually flavor is the focus of the snack and the packaging is what is well designed. Still, these snacks do both design and flavor!

Fresh milk is used to make these Japanese cookies, and the design lets you know that! A famous farm in Hokkaido, Farm Designs, cleverly crafted these cookies in the shape of their famous animals. We love how they use a mix of both dark and light batter to make each cookie different from one another. It certainly is a pleasure to look at, as well as eat!

Also, the cheesecake follows suit! With just a glance, you can see what animal this cheesecake represents. It looks fluffy, delicious, and perfectly designed. These Japanese desserts have so much thought put into them! We want to just take a big bite of this delicious looking cheesecake!

Next, we have this cat shaped cracker. A shop in Asakusa sells these crackers! While simple, the design fuses a traditional Japanese cracker and a cat's form so well. These Japanese snacks are famous across Japanese for their cute shape and delicious taste!

As you can see, this shop not only features multiple styles and flavors of crackers, but it also has various sizes and numbers! We love the variety and hope that we can taste test them all at some point!

So, we hope you enjoyed this little peek into Japanese culture through their animal themed snacks. Hopefully you didn't get too hungry too! Let us know in the comments below if you'd prefer to try the cow cookies or the cat crackers!

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