Kawaii Pon De Lion Schedule Books Are Amazing!

28 October 2017 by Nic

Japan is well known for mixing food with other facets of life, like turning sushi into art! Earlier this year, Japanese donut chain Mister Donut announced a super kawaii plushie series based off their donuts! This announcement pleasantly surprised tons of fans and now Mister Donut has even more kawaii news! A new collaboration between Mister Donut and Kayo Horaguchi is making new schedule books! We saw the new designs and fell in love at first sight! So, we knew we needed to share this news with our YumeTwins family! Alright, ready to see some of these cute designs?! Check them out below!

The Kawaii Schedule Books!

Oh my goodness, just aren't these so adorable!? We love how all the designs mix various animals and donuts together so well! The bright colors just demand attention. Our eyes can't leave the cover and we don't mind at all. We definitely could just gaze at this adorable art all day!

However, that is not all! There are even more designs! These styles are more simple as they focus on style and the characters themselves. Still, we love the subtle cuteness and want these just as much as the others! We might need to hold a brainstorming session at the office just to think of four reasons so we can get all four books!

So, are you feelin' the need for schedule books for next year? If so, we can ensure you, you aren't the only one! We are right there with you! Go ahead and tell us in the comments below which design you'd love to get!

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