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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogThe LoveLive! Cafe You Need To Check Out!

The LoveLive! Cafe You Need To Check Out!

Oliver McMahonOliver McMahon
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February 17, 2020
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June 21, 2022

Love Life! 9th ANNIVERSARY X SEGA Collaboration Cafe

Every Love Life! idol from all 3 generations!

Love Life! School Idol Project or by the Japanese name ‘ラブライブ!’, is a music anime that first aired back in January 2013. The original anime had the idol group ‘μ's’ (ミューズ, Myuzu, pronounced ‘Muse’), then came Love Life! Sunshine! with the idol group Aquors! and finally Nijigasaki Gakuen. In the photo above; μ's is at the top, Aquors on the left side and Nijigasaki Gakuen on the right side. Personally being more old school, I like the μ's idols more, but I can somewhat see the appeal of the newer Aquors! And Nijigasaki Gakuen idols.

This collabo cafe runs in for roughly 4 months, but during that time, it is split into separate sections. In each section, there are new menu items and the focus shifts to a specific Love Life! Idol group. Only part 2 of this collabo cafe includes all the idol groups called ‘Love Life! Fest,’ which runs from Jan. 11th 2020 ~ Jan. 31st 2020! Let's take a look at some of the top menu items that this special collabo cafe has to offer during that time period!

1. Idol Themed Fruit Juices for EVERY Idol

Yes, you read it right. This collabo cafe has a themed drink for every idol in the series! Can’t find themed items based on your favorite idol around Akihabara because she didn’t get enough votes in the popularity rankings? Fear not, this collabo cafe has got you covered. At only ¥600, you should not miss this!  Personally, I have to go with my favorite girl, Maki Nishino from μ's, but Riko Sakurauchi from Aquors! is close second. Sorry Nijigasaki girls, I really don’t know much about you guys..

μ's idols                                                                             

Aquors! Idols

Nijigasaki Gakuen Idols

2. Colorful Foods!


Of course,a cafe should have a fair selection of food on the menu! While this collabo cafe certainly does cater towards the drinks menu more, the dishes they have are quite interesting as well. Priced at ¥1200, fill your stomach and join in the Love Life! festivities!              

3. Perfect Dessert Parfaits  


Naturally a cafe is not complete without an extravagant sweets section. This Love Life! collabo cafe has certainly gone all out on the parfait menu! Like the drinks, there is a themed parfait for every idol group! Just look at the colors.. you can immediately tell which idol group the parfait is based off of! Priced at ¥1000, support your favorite idol group by ordering this goodness!

While that covers it for the foods and drinks that the cafe has to offer, lets not forget about the accessories that you can snag! Ranging from pins to posters to badges, this cafe has all your favorite idol good! Of course, these goods are limited to the cafe only, so hurry up and get them! You can get complementary goods by simply ordering the foods and drinks there, or you can buy extras. Being quite the anime goods collector myself, the urges of splurging on these goods is quite the hurdle to overcome…



Standing at the top of the anime idol world, Love Life! is one of the most popular anime out there. Forget your SOA and One Piece, Love Life! is here to stay. For long time fans of Love Life!, and even newer fans, this is a collabo cafe that you should not miss!

Who is your favorite Love Life! idol? I’ll be sticking with my girl Maki Nishino, but of course, I won’t be judging your favorite girls (maybe). Have you been to the cafe? Let us know your experience and what goods you got from there in the comment below!

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