TokyoTreat | March 2021 Theme - Snack Bento!

01 February 2021 by Oliver

Bring me a bento! 

What exactly is a Bento? It’s a type of meal (typically for 1 person) full of plenty of goodies that you can eat anywhere! Japan loves a meal on the go! Keeping up your energy with tasty food is super important, and Japan has no shortages of tasty lunch or dinner alternatives. 


In the past, bento ranged from a bag of rice to be cooked later to elaborate meals to be enjoyed during hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) parties. But gradually the standard bento for people on the go became rice balls wrapped in a bamboo leaf. Even in the 1800’s this was popular and was thought to be the first Ekiben (Japan’s famous train station bento). 


Bento is always changing and evolving with the times though! They are now tasty meals for one, packed into cool bento boxes with different compartments to keep it looking neat and tasting fresh! 

School kids get to enjoy cute or character inspired bento boxes, while adults can enjoy a balanced lunch full of tasty and healthy goodies. You don’t even have to make them yourself - convenience stores and supermarkets have a wide selection of bento boxes to try. Or if you are like the TokyoTreat team - fill your bento box with snacks!

Will you try making a bento?


This Month's Box

Wanna try eating a bento for yourself? This month we’re launching our Snack Bento box!

If you sign up before 2/28/2021 23:59 JST, you’ll score a whole range of delicious Japanese treats, including melon cream soda, peach parfait Japanese KitKats and so much more! 

You can also get involved with our social media and community! Want your photo to be featured in our monthly booklet or on social media? Tag us on social media at #tokyotreat and maybe you'll see your photo in our next booklet! As usual we will also have an awesome photo contest with unique Japanese prizes and a FREE snack box so stay tuned for that!

As a big thank you to our subscribers we always give away a big Lucky Treat prize which is filled with over $500 worth of goodies! If you want a chance to win, make sure to join the fam!

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