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Welcome To The Forest: May Goodies Revealed!

Vanessa KosasihVanessa Kosasih
Published Time
Posted on June 06, 2016
Modified Time
Updated last June 21, 2022

For May's box we took you on a wild adventure!! Explore the mouthwatering selections of Japan's finest flavors inspired by nature!

Re-Ment Nameko Charm (Special Item)

Nameko, the famous mushroom character is making a debut appearance in this month’s box. You can attach the charm to your phone, keys or bag, or anything else that you'd like to add a touch of kawaii to! You can even convert them into a cute earphone jack! This cute accessory is a must-have for all.

Matcha Soda

This lovely concoction of matcha green tea powder, from the re-known tea growing district of Shizuoka Prefecture, has been made into a most delicious cider beverage. Enjoy the flavors of old world Japan, in every sip of this refreshing drink! A rare drink in Japan, as well as around the world, so be sure to enjoy this while you can.

Re-Ment Nameko Seal (Bonus Item)

Have fun with the super cute mushroom stickers! Use them to decorate your notebooks, stationary and more! Or, decorate the cool background that comes with it.

Chocolate and Banana Soft Candy DIY

This DIY candy kit is fun for all who like to make delicious confectionaries, without most of the labor! These delicious banana taffies can be dipped in rich chocolate cream, covered with sprinkles and skewered on a stick, for easy eating. Have fun!

Crunchy Matcha

Lotte's sweet matcha chocolate cream bar is something that is very popular in Japan, and we think you will love it too. Enjoy each piece of crispy wafer, coated in a light and creamy matcha flavor that will be sure to please all! Similar to matcha kit-kats but a bit more luxurious, we think you'll be hooked!

Yochan's "Sweating Spicy Snack"

This tasty snack has rich flavors of spices that you will enjoy, and will pack a powerful punch, throughout each bite. You will also taste a hint of cod and other prominent flavors of Japan within this incredible snack.

Plum Jam Crackers

These crispy rice snacks will surprise and delight you! With a hint of real plum jam that you can spread onto the crackers to your liking, the combination can be extremely addictive. We ended up eating lots, and we think you will love them too. Enjoy on the go, or at home, but more importantly, ENJOY!

Gudetama Character Seal & Gum

If you do not yet know, Gudetama is a sad looking egg character that has recently become extremely popular in Japan. In this month’s boxes, enjoy a flavor-full Gudetama gum, paired with a character seal that you can save, afterwards. This snack is beneficial for collectors of cute Japanese character items. Enjoy!

Sour Spray

If you are a lover of super sour fruity flavors, this the snack for you. Enjoy a unique Japanese snack of sour spray which you can spritz into your mouth, at any given time! Usually, we give you snacks that you can chew on, but for the sake of enjoying the cool differences of Japanese trends, we thought you will enjoy this treat. Have fun!

Matcha Caramel

Enjoy a luxurious "adult" experience with these refined caramel snacks. The smooth and rich flavors of caramel, blended nicely with matcha powder will leave you feeling satisfied, yet wanting more! We think you will love this as much as we did. Enjoy!

Kabuki Actor, Shido Nakamura's Potato Curry Chips

This famous Japanese kabuki and Hollywood actor, Shido Nakamura, has created a very popular snack in the form of these awesome chips. The potato curry chips offer you a delicious flavor of Japanese curry spices, paired with a very crisp potato chip that will leave you longing for more. Curry fans, look no further!

Set of Umaibo (Bonus Snacks)

Umaibo is a crunchy, puffed cylindrical corn snack. Salty and crispy in texture, this Japan favorite will be sure to please for any savory craving you may have!

Friend Bakery Matcha

These delicious biscuits are mixed with flour and matcha to deliver a true Japanese taste that you surely will not forget. Enjoy the crispy texture of the biscuits, alongside the unique patterns and textures of the top and bottom of the biscuits. This is a fabulous addition to any matcha-lover's snack collection!

Raspberry Kit Kat

As you all may know, the various renditions of Kit Kat flavors are hugely popular in Japan. This time of year, the company has released a seasonal raspberry flavor of the product, which is sure to satisfy any Kit Kat enthusiast. Enjoy the combination of wafer paired with the creaminess of chocolate and raspberry in this tasty treat.

Pocky Kasane Matcha

This amazing version of Pocky is a Japan enthusiast's dream! Enjoy crispy biscuit sticks, double dipped in two famous variations of Japanese matcha powder and chocolate for an unforgettable Japanese confection taste. We know you will like this, if you have an interest in our other matcha products!

Rich Cheddar Cheese Crisps

These wonderful crisps are super cheesy, and we think you will love them as much as we did. Enjoy a full-on cheddar experience with each mouthful! Calbee only releases these every now and then, so be sure to taste and enjoy this limited, Japan-Only edition of this savory snack, before it's gone!

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Enjoy Delicious Japanese Candy And Snacks Every Month!

Starting from$32.50 USD
Get TokyoTreat

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